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Holidaying With Kids

by Jessica Amey

Having children changes your life in many ways.

Poo becomes a frequent topic of conversation.¬†‘Who smells of poo?’ has now become one of my most used phrases.

You are rarely seen without snot on your shoulder and vomit on your leg.

You ALWAYS have wet wipes to hand.

You get excited about dentist / doctor appointments because you get to sit down and read a magazine in peace before hand.

You no longer get to listen to the music you like and instead have to listen to some terrible pop tune over and over and over again, but you do it because listening to your toddler scream ‘TURN THIS ONE OFF’ all the way through your own song kind of ruins it.

One of the biggest things that changes is holidays. Everything you used to know about a holiday is different with children. Gone are the days of relaxing on the beach with a cocktail, or relaxing at all for that matter. Holidaying with children is hard work, harder work than being at home but of course it’s all worth it because they enjoy it.

Cherry has reached an age where she loves going away, we haven’t actually been abroad this Summer as it would have been too much hard work with J being so young but we have been on three UK holidays. Cherry loves staying in different houses and calling them her ‘holiday homes’ and because the weather has been so amazing this year she has also had a great time on the beach swimming in the sea.

Seeing how happy it makes her is what makes the effort of holidaying worth it because I’m not going to lie, there were moments where we felt like it would have been easier to stay at home!

I think the most essential thing to do before planning a holiday is to do lots of research on the area you will be staying. Holiday companies such as Icelolly Holidays have a holiday resort information section. There is a list of all the destinations they travel to and is well worth checking out, the more effort you put into choosing the right place to go, hopefully the easier it will be when you are there.

I’m looking forward to our first holiday abroad as a family of four now, we will probably wait until next year when J is walking and a bit more able to enjoy it . This also means I won’t have to spend my time lying in the shade trying to breastfeed without getting sand on us, not much fun!

I’m also looking forward to in a few years time when the kids are old enough to go skiing, I loved going skiing when I was younger, in fact I think I almost prefer Winter holidays to Summer ones.

The photo below is of me (I’m on the right), my sister and my dad when we were on holiday in Austria.

This must have been taken in the early 90’s!

How do you feel about holidaying with kids?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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