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How To Give Your Fridge A Make-Over

by Jessica Amey

We’ve had the tablecloth in the photo below lying around for a little while now, we used it for a party and I didn’t want to just throw it away as it’s made from oil cloth but I couldn’t bear to use it as it’s a bit garish and clashes badly with my seat cushions, as well as everything else in my house for that matter.

So I decided to cut hearts out of it to stick on my fridge door. My fridge is a bit old and has a few scratches on that I can’t get off so I thought I could cover them up as well as brightening up my fridge and keeping Cherry entertained for an afternoon of course.

I cut out the big ones using scissors and the little ones with my heart puncher and then used my beloved Mod Podge to stick them on. If you haven’t heard of Mod Podge before then Google it, it’s amazing stuff!

fridge makeover
fridge makeover

I used one layer underneath the heart then another one on top and around the edge to seal it.

I wasn’t sure that they would come off when I did it as I wasn’t bothered either way but they are completely removable and once wiped the area underneath looks back to normal again.

The good thing is though that although they peel off easily, they also stay on well and you have to dig your nail underneath quite hard to loosen them.

I have used oil cloth though, I can’t say what the result would be if using paper or any other kind of material so if you do try it then maybe test it out with a little bit first.

And that’s it, the finished result is below.

You could cut out letters and spell out the names of people in your family or even write little messages, this was just a trial and when we get bored of hearts we will be replacing them with something else.

I definitely don’t think we will go back to having a plain fridge door any time soon though!

fridge makeover


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