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In The Night Garden Live Review

by Jessica Amey

I have mentioned before about how much Cherry loves In The Night Garden, it was the first programme she showed any interest in and she has grown to love it more and more.

She has all the characters, they sleep in her bed and I have to say good night to each one individually, including Tombliboo Eee, Ooo and Unn.

So I was incredibly excited when I was offered some tickets to go and watch In The Night Garden Live.

We went to see it in Birmingham which is three hours away from where we live but as my Dad, Sister and Brother live in the Midlands we thought we would combine it with a visit to see them.

The show is held in a purpose built inflatable dome which was far larger than I imagined and I was relieved to discover they had lots of fans on as it was a really hot day.

The way the seating had been arranged was perfect for children as it was tiered and carpeted so they could stand up, move around and dance!

The venue was a perfect size and wasn’t overfilled so everyone had a brilliant view of the stage.

The show was really well planned and watching Cherry’s face when her favourite character Upsy Daisy came out actually made me shed a tear (I blame the pregnancy hormones!)

The only negative thing I have to say is in regards to the Tombliboos as they were brought out as puppets instead of people wearing costumes. I know they are smaller than the rest of the characters but with Makka Pakka they brought him out on his own to do his dance then showed him as a puppet when around the others so that he looked smaller. I think had it been the same for the Tombliboos then it would have been a bit more exciting, for Cherry obviously 😉

When the show was over we had booked to go and meet Upsy Daisy which was well worth doing. We got to spend a few minutes on our in a room with her to have our photos taken and Cherry absolutely loved it.

We all really enjoyed it and would definitely go again!

Disclaimer – We received three free tickets to go and see the show but paid to meet Upsy Daisy ourselves.

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