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Kenwood Smoothie Maker Review

by Jessica Amey

 This Kenwood smoothie maker has become much loved in our house recently. I love fruit smoothies and milkshakes but haven’t been making any at home lately due to my O.C.D tendencies not liking the idea of using our stick blender, which has blended savoury things, to whizz up my fruit and milk.

Obviously it had been washed up after touching anything savoury but I don’t like knowing that something which has touched onion and garlic has also touched my drink. I know this makes me sound a little bit weird, I am happy to admit that, in fact I recently wrote a post about my slightly odd habits  but in my defense there is nothing worse than fruit that tastes like garlic.

Have you ever been given a plate of pineapple by someone, biten into it then wanted to spit it out because you know that they have cut it using the same knife they cut garlic with?! Then a few weeks ago I ordered a strawberry milkshake in a cafe and all it tasted of was garlic – disgusting!

Anyway, so when I was asked if I wanted to review the Kenwood Smoothie Maker, I was more than happy to have a product that I could just use for fruit, although of course you can use it as a normal blender if you aren’t as weird as me!

I tested out the smoothie maker with strawberries, banana, milk and yoghurt. I do sometimes like to use ice-cream instead of yoghurt but I thought I would be healthy as I was feeling a bit ill. I also like to use frozen berries as they are a lot cheaper and make the drink really cold but I had some strawberries that needed using on this occasion.

The blender is ridiculously powerful and as a result is quite loud but I only needed it on for a couple of seconds so it wasn’t a problem. It has three buttons: pulse, smooth and mix and I gave them all a go as I wasn’t sure which was best, I’m sure it says in the instruction manual but I haven’t had a chance to look yet.

The blender mixed up my drink in no time at all and I love the little tap that allows you to pour it into a glass without removing the main body.

This model is only a mini so if you had a large family you would either need to buy a larger one or make drinks in two rounds but we managed to get two large glasses out (bigger than the one in the photo, none of my glasses match so I couldn’t put them both in!) which was okay for us as Cherry only likes to drink plain milk and won’t touch it when it’s flavoured, strange girl!

I am really happy with this product and can’t wait to try out some new smoothie recipes, in fact I pinned this on Pinterest a few weeks ago – 50 Smoothie Recipes – which has loads of interesting ideas so I won’t end up drinking the same thing all the time.

This Kenwood smoothie maker is from Littlewoods and is priced at £39.99 as they have £10 off at the moment. They also have a large selection of other smoothie makers and blenders.

(photos have been lost in a blog migration, trying to find them to replace!)

Disclaimer – I was sent the product to review but all the words and opinions are, as always, my own.

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