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Kiddy Click ‘N Move 3 Review

by Jessica Amey

We were recently sent a Kiddy Click ‘N Move 3 pushchair to review.

In the three years since Cherry was born we have got through a fair few pushchairs. I have a list of things that are important to me when choosing one and it includes:

– Easy to collapse. I flew to Spain on my own with Cherry when she was three months old and when we got to the security gate they asked me to collapse my pushchair and I couldn’t. Nor could any of the other parents / security guards / helpful members of the public in the surrounding area.

– A feeling of sturdiness. I hate it when pushchairs are rickety and feel like they are going to collapse.

– Easy to push one-handed for when Iyla wants to get out and walk and I have to push it whilst holding her hand. Or for when I am drinking a drink / answering my phone / checking my emails / Facebook / Twitter – yes sometimes I do have to check them whilst walking along!

– It needs to be light. I am really weak and struggle to lift heavy prams in and out of the car.

I unpacked the Click ‘N Move 3 on my own and actually managed to put it together without Mr C who usually helps me with anything that has wheels. It was actually really easy to do and I was surprised at how big it was. The back wheels are detachable and it is easy to collapse as well.

I have been using the pushchair for a couple of weeks now and I quite literally love it.

Here is why:

You can fit the seat so it’s either forward facing or parent facing. This is really nice as when Cherry is in her stroller I can’t hear anything she says so now we can have conversations whilst walking along.

It’s really easy to change the position of the seat. You lift a little lever at the back to make it recline into 3 different positions, one of which being completely flat so perfect for naps.

There is a really good hood which actually shades from the sun. Most of them don’t do a thing.

There is a big zip up bag at the bottom which holds a really good amount of shopping and a really good weight of shopping. We recently pushed a heavy bag of sand back from the supermarket in it.

The handlebar can be adjusted, something which really impressed Mr C. He also likes pushing it and doesn’t feel silly like he did when pushing along a pink stroller that we once owned!

The Kiddy logo in the back wheels is a nice little touch.

The break is really easy to push up and down, even in flip-flops!

The suspension is great and I have tested the pushchair on a number of terrains including a very bumpy path that leads down to some fields behind our house. It is easy to push on all of them. The front wheels can also be locked.

The raincover is included and stored in the bumper bar.

It looks really stylish.

It is really easy to push one-handed.

And most importantly Cherry loves it.

The Kiddy Click ‘N Move 3 is a travel system and can be used with a pram attachment, this seat or with a Kiddy Evolution Pro car seat. I will be testing it out with one of those soon….

The only negative point I have is that the raincover only covers the bottom half of the pushchair so the hood acts as the raincover for the top. This means that the hood would get all wet and if it was windy then the rain could blow into the seat. It’s not an issue for me as I don’t tend to go walking in the rain and I haven’t actually tested it to see how well it works so it might not be an issue at all. The idea is a good one though as I always forget to take a separate rain cover out with me so in that respect I would be very pleased to have it if I did get caught in a downpour!

I am so impressed with this pushchair. It is priced at around £275 which I think is a bargain. It is easily as good as some of the other buggies out there which cost more than double that. I would recommend it to anyone.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review but all of the words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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