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by Jessica Amey

When it comes down to it, life is just a big collection of moments.

Some happy, some sad. Some never to be thought of again, some regretted forever. Some you wish you could change, some you wish you could live over and over again. Some wasted, some unappreciated. Some treasured for the rest of your life. Some that will change your life forever whether it be for the good or bad.

Sometimes I spend too long thinking about moments that I hope will never happen, even though inevitably at some point they will.

We have no control over the moments. We don’t know what the next one will hold or how many we will have.

We don’t know when that one we dread will happen.

What we do have control over is the present moment.

Sometimes we feel like we have lots and we don’t mind wasting them, other times we hear about someone else’s life changing moment and it reminds us to make the most of every single one of ours.

No matter how we choose to spend our moments, what we should never ever forget is just how precious they are.

It’s this little face that helps to remind me that, at least once every single day.

I don’t think it’s possible to never waste a moment but it is possible to remember that we will never get it back again.

That every moment counts.

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