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More Than Laughter

by Jessica Amey

Laughter is great.

I mean who doesn’t love laughing?

It connects you with people, makes you feel good, benefits your health and burns calories.

There is nothing I love more than a hysterical laughing fit, especially one of those inappropriate ones where you really need to stop but the snorts just keep coming.

Of course life can be shitty sometimes and you don’t feel like laughing but a world with no laughter would be a very sad place.

I didn’t realise that laughter could get any better until I became a parent.

There is just nothing in the world that compares to laughing with your child.

Cherry makes us laugh countless times every single day.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s not some kind of comic genius in the making, she is just a toddler doing usual toddler things but the fact that she is ‘our’ toddler makes it so much more entertaining.

When she is running around doing a funny dance in her nappy or when she says something amusing, we laugh together but it is so much more than laughter.

It is laughter mixed with pride, love and a massive sense of achievement that together you have created such an amazing little human being.

Yes it’s slightly egotistical but who cares?!

She is a perfect mix of us, it would be weird if we didn’t think she was the funniest person in the world.

No-one else will ever laugh with her in the same way that we do, it’s like the three of us are all in on a secret joke, it’s what makes us a family and it’s what makes laughing so much more than just laughter.

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