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The Motherhood

by Jessica Amey

Sometimes in life there are moments where you need to laugh because otherwise you would just cry.

Motherhood contains lots of those moments, and next time I am about to cry because Cherry has asked me for some chocolate five million times in one day, I will hold in the tears and watch this video….

It’s been made by Fiat to advertise their new car, the Fiat 500L. It has been designed with mums in mind and it really is clear from watching the video that they have a good understanding of what life as mum entails.

The lady rapping about ‘The Motherhood’ had me nodding in agreement with some of the things she said, especially the references to ‘episiotomy stitches’, ‘defecation’ and ‘leftover fishfingers’.

Then there was the rather hilarious line that went something like ‘express, like the best, from these holes in my chest’ and the kids dancing in the background whilst wearing scuba masks are just brilliant!

It’s always nice to watch things that reflect the side to parenting that isn’t all smiles and cuddles while sitting in a tidy, clutter free living room. This video shows the not so glamorous side to parenting and that’s why I trust that Fiat have designed a car to meet the needs of a family.

I only passed my test last year and Mr C would never trust me with a new car because of the scratches and dents that my very old Megane has arrived home with since then but as soon as I have mastered the art of parking, I will be putting one of these on my Christmas list!

Even if you aren’t looking for a new car, you really should watch the video as it is bloody hilarious!

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