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Nonabox – Our Review Of The Monthly Subscription Box

by Jessica Amey

Nonabox is a monthly subscription box aimed at pregnant women and children up to the age of two.

Monthly subscription costs £25 and can be cancelled at any time, there are also savings if you sign up for three months, six months or annually.

I have been reviewing the three monthly subscription option and this post will be looking at the first two boxes.

Nonabox one contents…

nonabox contents

A MAM self-sterilising bottle – I am breastfeeding and don’t actually use bottles at all but this one self-sterilises itself which is quite an interesting idea. I’m not entirely sure how it works so I can’t comment on that. Cherry was quick to swipe it away for Noddy so it will get some use!

Neuner’s Nursing Tea – This could have potentially been a good product as I’m breastfeeding but unfortunately it smelt really strongly of aniseed which I HATE so I wasn’t able to try it.

Ella’s Kitchen Pouch – I’m trying to give Tiger home-cooked food as much as possible but having a sachet of Ella’s Kitchen is always useful because she gets it smoother than smooth meaning that babies love it, well both of mine have anyway!

Cloud-B Lavender filled sheep pillow – This cuddly sheep has a little bag of lavender inside. I actually use it as an arm rest when I’m feeding Tiger in the night. I’m not too sure the vapours help him sleep though!

Bibetta Bib – Always useful.

nonabox review

Gumigem– This is actually a really great product and one that I hadn’t heard of before. It’s jewellery that can be worn by you (although probably not for fashion reasons!) for your baby can chew on. It’s non-toxic and Tiger loves the texture. He’s teething at the moment so it’s perfect for him, it’s also really easy for him to hold as it’s in the shape of a bracelet. It’s a green colour though which I wouldn’t have chosen had I been buying one.

MAM Baby toothbrush – Always useful, especially as he has a tooth breaking through now.

A Crawlerz babygro – I was quite excited when I saw this product as we have laminate flooring and Tiger is currently getting ready to crawl but keeps slipping when up on all fours. This is a babygro with little anti-slip bits all over the legs and knees and I’ve never seen anything like it before. The only problem is that the poppers don’t go all down the legs so if you need to change a nappy then you have to take it off. I guess if it is just designed to put on when doing some crawling practice then it’s okay but you wouldn’t want to leave them in it for any longer. If the poppers went all the way down the legs then I would actually buy some of these.

nonabox review

Water Wipes – These wipes are the world’s purest wipes and they are really great to use. I’m quite fussy about wipes and only use one brand but I do opt for one that is called ‘natural’, I would actually buy these but I’ve never seen them in shops and after looking online it looks like they are quite expensive. I’m not sure if they ever have them on offer but that’s the only time I buy wipes as we get through so many in this house.

Nonabox two contents…

nonabox review

Cloud-B Sleep Sheep – This is a cuddly toy with a removable pack that slots in and plays white noise music. There are a number of animal sounds to choose from and you can change the time it plays for, the longest being 45 minutes. We do actually have a Ewan the Dream Sheep and this is a similar product but Ewan only plays for 20 minutes at a time and sometimes that isn’t long enough. I haven’t actually tried this yet but it will be useful for having in the car with us as sometimes Tiger gets upset when we’re driving.

Cloud-B Satin Trim Burp Set – This came with a little sheep rattle and three burp cloths. They are really good quality but to be honest as J is now seven months he isn’t really sick that much so I’m not sure I will get much use out of them. I was thinking about trying to offer them as a comforter though, then having three would be good as there could always be a clean one. These are usually priced at £31.50 which is rather pricey for what they are but that is already more than the whole box cost so you are getting more for your money.

Teapigs Samples – Again I’m going to be really fussy and say that I hate lemon and ginger tea so I won’t be trying these!

Ella’s Kitchen Pouch – This month’s box had a stage 3 pouch in, Tiger isn’t a big fan of lumpy food yet but at some point I will try and offer it to him.

Halo and Horns Baby Lotion – I have actually used products from this range before but I would have preferred the shampoo or body wash as I don’t tend to put lotion on either of the kids. I will probably end up using it myself though.

Pasito A Pasito Teether Bracelet – This has wooden beads and a bell on. Tiger has enjoyed playing with it.

Pebbles Pedi-Wand – This is a foot file type product.

Leibniz Animal Biscuits – These aren’t in the photo as I had eaten them and Mr C accidentally threw away the packaging. They were so addictive though, I wouldn’t have given them to Tiger as they have quite a lot of sugar in but Cherry did enjoy eating them.

Water Wipes – See above.

So I think I will wait until the next Nonabox has been sent out before giving my overall opinion. It will be interesting to see whether it will have another Cloud-B product as both of these boxes have done. I think in terms of getting value for your £25 then without a doubt you are as to buy all these products separately would cost a LOT more. I guess the problem is that you are getting things you might not actually need or use, but then I have been introduced to new brands that I’d never heard of.

I would without a doubt like to receive one of these as a present but I’m not too sure whether I would sign up myself, but maybe the next box will change my mind.

If you would like to find out more about Nonabox then you can do so here.

Disclaimer: We were sent these boxes free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words are, as always, my own.

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