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One Of Those Days

by Jessica Amey

Yesterday I had to phone up and arrange for someone to come and look at our radiators as they haven’t been working properly. They could only give me an all day appointment which I didn’t think would be much of a problem. Well I stupidly thought that although they said it could be anywhere between 8am-5pm that they would actually turn up and leave me with enough time to go out for a bit. It is now 15.44 and they still haven’t turned up.

Last night Cherry woke up at 2am, a bit like when this happened but luckily after about half an hour of her kicking us in the backs and trying to start conversations we were able to put her back to bed without any problems. This wake-up resulted in her being exhausted from the moment she woke up.


The thing is that Cherry is usually so good, she doesn’t have tantrums and is able to tell us anything that is on her mind, therefore reducing the need for her to get frustrated and misbehave.

I know I have it easy, or I did until today.

Today it was like someone replaced my child with someone else. She has been crying, screaming and flinging herself on the floor for the last six and a half hours, stopping for a while at lunch in order to eat. She has had complete melt-downs because I haven’t switched from The Aristocats to The Sooty Show quick enough (2 minutes since I changed it last), haven’t stood in the correct place on the floor, haven’t let her stand in the hallway or let her hit me with a basket.

I think she has some of her big teeth coming through at the moment which could be part of the problem but whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t happen too often, although had I been able to leave my house then it wouldn’t have been such a disaster! I refuse to believe it’s the terrible twos!!

Then she fell asleep and it was all peaceful.

Looking at her all curled up and cute, I don’t know how I was so stressed but at one point I may have nearly started crying and then sent Mr C a text begging him to finish work early!

But for now I am going to enjoy this small window of peace and freedom.

Until the bloody gas man turns up and ruins everything!


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