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Only For You Two Would I…

by Jessica Amey

Accept a kiss when your face is covered in snot.

Sit in an uncomfortable position on a long car journey so you can hold my hand.

Let my dinner go cold / try and eat it one-handed because you wanted me to hold you.

Cuddle you while you are being sick despite the fact it’s soaking into my clothes.

Sleep with half my body hanging over the side of the bed and a foot in my face because you had a nightmare and didn’t want to stay in your own room afterwards.

Share my food.

Spend the last of my money on things for you despite the fact nearly all of my clothes have holes in.

Let you drink the last bit of my drink despite me being thirsty.

Get in from a day out and feed you before going for a wee / having a drink / eating some food because you are hungry.

Let you fart in my face.

Sing Five Little Ducks over and over again on long car journeys to try and distract you from getting car sick.

Change your nappy in the middle of eating my lunch because you had just done a massive poo.

Turn my favourite programme over because you wanted to watch Noddy.

Spend five minutes restraining you to try and pull  bogeys out of your nose.

Let toe nail clippings fire in my face and land in my lap.

Pretend your poo doesn’t really smell.

Use my scarf to wipe your snotty nose.

Buy you sand for the garden.

The reason I do all of this is because I love you in a way I can’t really put into words.

It’s a love that is so powerful and intense that I had no idea it existed before becoming a parent.

It’s scary and overwhelming and all consuming.

It makes me strong because I feel like I need to protect you both.

It makes me selfless because I instantly put both of your needs before my own.

It makes me try harder in every thing I do.

It makes me a better person.

And with you two in it, my world is a better place. 


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