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Our Holiday To The South Of Spain

by Jessica Amey

Yesterday we landed at Bristol airport having been in Spain for ten days and what can I say?

Well a lot actually….

Firstly, I ABSOLUTELY HATE FLYING. I have no idea why I have suddenly become so phobic as up until this year I never minded it, in fact last year I flew to Spain on my own with Cherry who was three months old and although I didn’t love the experience, I was a totally different person to the one who almost cried and locked herself in the toilet whilst up in the air yesterday. I hate being so out of control, I hate the way it makes me feel, I hate the way the air conditioning burns my nose and throat, I hate the fact that you don’t know if there is going to be an engine failure causing you to plummet 38,000 feet to the ground and I hate the noise. We experienced some turbulence yesterday too which led to me telling Mr C that I am never flying again, I don’t think he took me very seriously though because A. the seat belt lights never even came on and B. I said a similar thing about never giving birth again when I was in labour with Cherry, something which has obviously all been forgotten now 😉

Secondly, my relaxing in the sun days are no more. One of the things I used to love doing pre-children was lying in the sun with my eyes shut but this just isn’t possible now. Shutting your eyes when you have a toddler is not an option and keeping them open, even with sunglasses on, results in a big fat headache.

Thirdly, beaches just aren’t that fun – unless you are a child. Cherry absolutely loved the beach which isn’t surprising given that it is basically a giant sandpit. She made sand soup, sand cakes, and thought they looked so tasty that she actually tried to eat some.




She could have been entertained for days at the beach but all Mr C and I wanted to do was lie back and close our eyes (see above). Then you have the risks of the sea, in this case jellyfish. Mr C and Cherry were paddling, about a few inches in, when a jellyfish came over and stung him, very unfortunate but luckily it wasn’t Cherry as that would have been awful.

On returning to show me his wound he sat on his beach chair only for the material to rip and him to fall through onto the sand, I was in absolute hysterics but as you can imagine our beach trip ended pretty shortly after this, but not before we had to try and de-sand a toddler, under a cold tap, as the sea was too risky!

Fourthly, there are only so many tortilla baguettes you can eat. I don’t like Spanish food. Or more like I don’t like the element of surprise that comes with ordering something of a menu. If I order a vegetable stew then I just don’t expect it to arrive with a hard-boiled egg floating in it. I am happy to admit that I am a fussy eater, I am very unadventurous and stick to what I like which made me feel like I was about seven years old when looking at a Spanish menu!

Fifthly, and much to my surprise, I didn’t miss the internet at all. I am permanently attached to my iPhone when in England. I check Twitter, Facebook and my emails a ridiculous amount of times each day, not to mention how much I use the internet for work and blogging, so when I knew I wasn’t going to have it for nearly two weeks I was a bit apprehensive about how I would cope but it was really nice to have a break. I read books instead, something which I never find time for at home.

Sixthly, being pregnant on holiday is not much fun. You can’t drink, you have to make sure everything is cooked properly, you have to worry about whether fruit and vegetables have been washed in dodgy water and therefore think you have caught stomach bugs all the time, or maybe that’s just me?! The sun made me too hot, too tired and gave me a headache and I couldn’t go in the hot tub.

But luckily Cherry had a great time in it…



And lastly despite all my negativity we had a really nice time. It was so nice to have a break and forget about the daily grind back at home. Cherry loved it. Mr C’s mum owns the house that we stayed in and it is lovely, we are so lucky to be able to go there and Cherry settled in really well due to it being just like home, she even got to watch the CBeebies bedtime hour every night!



Storm sky…


She had great fun in the pool and loved dressing up in Nanny’s accessories!



Next time we go we will have another addition to our family, and will be arriving by car not plane 😉

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