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Petalina Doll Review

by Jessica Amey

(photos lost in blog migration)

As our family await the birth of Baby Number 2, Cherry got to enjoy the arrival of her own little baby this week as she was sent a lovely Petalina Doll to review.

 We were sent the Corolle Mon Premier Calin Grenadine and firstly I just want to say that I was really impressed with how quickly the doll was dispatched and the fact that they send you a text letting you know the delivery time. There is nothing worse than having to spend all day in the house waiting for a delivery, especially when you have kids.

The doll was packaged really well and came wrapped in pink tissue paper which was quickly ripped off!

After taking the doll out of the box, Cherry carried out all the essential checks….

The doll has a very light scent of vanilla, something which I would usually find a bit off putting but I have to say that it smelt really natural and wasn’t overpowering at all.

Cherry gave her some milk..

and then it was time for cuddles!

The vinyl used to make the doll is phthalate free (as are all the dolls sold on the Petalina site) and she has lots of pellets in her bum which make her nice and cuddly. Here eyes close when she lies down and she has shiny lips, all things which stop her having that freaky stare that some dolls can have. She is machine washable and there is a large variety of clothes, accessories and furniture sold on the website that can be purchased alongside the doll.

The doll was a bit smaller than I thought it would be but having said that,  it is the perfect size for Cherry and as they are suitable for ages 18 months + would make a great first dolly. Cherry was actually given a bigger doll a little while ago and she really didn’t like it, probably because it was almost as big as her!

I am really impressed with the quality and look of the doll and Cherry loves it which is the most important thing. I am hoping that when the real baby arrives it will help her to feel involved as she can pretend to change nappies while I am changing real ones!

Petalina Dolls sell a large selection of dolls ranging in price from £8.99 right up to £159.99 and age suitability from 0 – 14 years so if you are looking for a doll then it really is a great place to visit.

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