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Petite Star 3-in-1 Walker Review

by Jessica Amey

We were recently sent a Petite Star 3-in-1 Walker for J to review.

Mr C is obsessed with cars so it was about time J followed in his footsteps and had some wheels of his own!

Now he looks very cool doing wheel spins round the living room.

Petite Star Walker Review

The 3-in-1 part makes it different from most walkers as it can also be used as a bouncer, exerciser and push along walker. This means that you get a lot more use out of it which is a good thing as Cherry only used her walker for a few weeks before she managed to climb out of it!

When used as a bouncer you set the springs to ‘jump’ and slide the base bar to the middle allowing your baby to push against it with their feet, and while they are doing so they push on coloured buttons which light up and make noises.

Then you can slide the base bar back and use it as a walker. You can select from three different positions to lock it on depending on the height of your child, this is another plus point as it means it grows with your child.

Then when they are strong enough on their feet you push the seat forward and it can be used as a push along walker.

Petite Star Walker Review

The car part at the front has a steering wheel with flashing lights and sounds, as well as a horn and a spinning mirror. It is removable and there is a big tray underneath.


There are bars on either side with toys on, perfect for teething babies to chomp on. (check out the bags under J’s eyes, the kid really needs to sleep more!)


This walker is really impressive and has so many features as well as looking great. It is large but walkers of this kind always are. I’m not too sure if we will have the room to use it in it’s last stage as I don’t think our house is big enough, we would all end up with broken ankles, but it’s a useful option to have for people with larger houses.

They are available to buy from Nursery Value and are priced at £69.98

petite star car walker review

Disclaimer: We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review

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