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Reasons to Clean Your Air Filter

by Jessica Amey

Air filters trap dust, grime, dirt, and other debris to prevent them from circulating in the house and block them from entering and reaching various parts of the air conditioner. According to professionals in the AC industry, you must change your air
filter at least once every three months. However, if your home accumulates more dirt or dust, more people come in and out of the house, or you have family members with allergies and other health risks, it’s best to change it more often.

But even before it reaches the time that you need to replace it, you should clean it at least every couple of weeks. It’s part of the maintenance process to keep your air conditioner in good shape. However, it’s not the only thing you need for its
maintenance. You need professional service once a year to keep it running efficiently. A local expert is a good choice because service is faster due to the proximity. So, if you live in the south coast area, an air conditioning Southampton professional is the perfect choice. Here are reasons why you should clean your air filters.

Improve indoor air quality
According to research, indoor air is several times more polluted than outdoor air, thus making it more harmful to health. Besides the dirt and dust you take inside the house from outside, other sources of pollution linger inside your home, such as
smoke and cleaning materials. The air circulates in the house, so the pollutants remain. Since you spend more time indoors, there’s a higher risk of getting sick due to poor air quality. One way to improve this is by cleaning your air filter. As
mentioned, it traps dirt and other debris, but if it gets too much, it could circulate back through the air. Cleaning the filter can prevent this from happening.

Keep the AC unit working properly
Excessive dust and dirt trapped by the air filter could reach various parts of the air conditioner unit, and if they make it to the moving parts, it could cause the system to malfunction. Avoid untimely repairs and the inconvenience it brings by keeping your air filter clean.

Save on energy consumption

When the filter is too dirty, it hampers the airflow, making your unit work harder to cool the room. It consumes more energy when it does that, so it could increase your power bill. It could also cause your unit to break down, so you’ll need to spend extra for the repair.

Maintain the cleanliness of your house
The excessive dirt, dust, and debris from the filter could land on the surfaces of your home, so keeping it clean can be a challenge. It’s easier to maintain its tidiness by taking care of one of the sources of dirt, which is the filthy air filter.
Be careful not to damage your air filter when cleaning it, and put it back once it’s thoroughly clean and dry. Even if you have a reusable one, you should still replace it if you see any signs of tear or damage.

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