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Sharing Is Caring When It Comes To Bedrooms

by Jessica Amey

Sharing is caring..

Things have been RIDICULOUSLY stressful in our house over the last few weeks.

I haven’t had a spare minute to do anything so apologies for the fact that all my posts have either been paid ones, reviews or short photo posts.

Mr C has had some kind of virus that’s meant he’s felt ill for nearly a month. Tiger has been crying pretty much all day, every day. I haven’t been able to put him down without him screaming and it’s only me he wants so even if Mr C is home it’s not much help. Last week I found ulcers in Cherry’s mouth and it turned out she had hand, foot and mouth so I’m wondering if he might have had it too but it’s hard to know when they are babies as they can’t tell you what’s wrong.

Things have started to improve a bit though. Mr C is starting to feel better and Tiger is not being quite so miserable. Plus he now has a tooth, has learnt to sit up and is nearly crawling so he has had a lot going on lately bless him. I just keeping trying to remember that even on a day where Tiger screams and Cherry plays up all day there will be a time when I miss it. I also keep reminding Mr C of that but he’s not so easily convinced!!

We have also had a big change. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I had been wondering when to put  Tiger and Cherry in a room together. Tiger had been waking every hour in the night and getting disturbed every time I even rolled over, Cherry was in her own room by his age but we only have two bedrooms so that wasn’t an option.

I was hesitant about putting them in together and hadn’t planned to do it until Tiger was sleeping through the night but I knew there was no way that was ever going to happen with him in with me so I decided to just bite the bullet.

They are now sharing a room.

Cherry’s room wasn’t big enough for them to share though so we had to completely swap rooms.

Unfortunately on the day we did it Cherry didn’t get to spend much time in there before bed so it didn’t go down too well at all and we ended up letting her fall asleep in our bed before carrying her in later, asleep.

Then the next night she refused to go in there so we let her stay downstairs all evening until she fell asleep on Mr C, even then we couldn’t put her in there so she ended up sleeping in our bed all night.

On the third night we told her that she had to stay in there. I’d been spending lots of time in there in the day with her and we’d made it just like her old room. I know it’s a big change for her but it was one that she needed to get used to as we didn’t have any other choice. She wasn’t happy and screamed for nearly 45 minutes which of course woke Tiger up, although he very strangely went straight back to sleep!

Last night the same thing happened and then tonight she was fine, and in fact Tiger seems to love having her in there. He was awake when she went to bed tonight and within five minutes they were both asleep. So touch wood I think we are getting there. She doesn’t wake up at all when he does in the night and he has been sleeping much better.

It’s been stressful for everyone and hasn’t been without tears but there has been one really big positive that’s made it all worthwhile and that is how much the bond between Tiger and Cherry seems to have grown.

sharing is caring

I have mentioned it before but Cherry didn’t adjust to Tiger’s arrival too well, we have seen glimpses of her warming to him over the last few months but she’s mainly just got annoyed with him for trying to touch all her toys.

All that has changed though, well not all of it, she is still getting annoyed with him for touching her toys but she’s suddenly starting to express signs of her love for him. In fact before bed the other night she came out with ‘I mean it Tiger, I really love you’ which is a bit of a breakthrough. Tonight she was playing with him so much that she didn’t even want me to take him to bed!

She’s been getting him toys and calling him sweetie and well in the words of the Care Bears, sharing really has made her more caring.

sharing is caring

I’m glad them sharing a room is starting to work out, especially because our room pretty much just consists of a bed now!!

This post has lots of tips about kids sharing bedrooms.

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