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Summer Is….

by Jessica Amey

What does Summer mean to you?

Summer is….

Smelling freshly mowed grass.

Sleeping with the windows open.

Eating lots of salad.

Drinking gin and tonics – only one for me then onto the Shloer as I’m breastfeeding! There is nothing like sitting in the garden with a cocktail at the end of a long day.

Eating snacks with those al fresco cocktails whilst waiting for dinner to cook.

Having friends and family round for dinner…



Filling up the paddling pool.

Floaty dresses.

Watching Wimbledon with a big bowl of strawberries and cream. I’m not a particularly sporty person but I’ve always loved tennis, both to watch and to play – not that I’m any good! I find it quite relaxing to watch, a bit like snooker!

Going to the beach.

Hanging washing on the line.

Summer is amazing!

It’s a shame we don’t get much of one!

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