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The Exclamation Mark

by Jessica Amey

If you have been reading my blog for a long time then you might remember a post I wrote about the dilemma of how many kisses to leave at the end of text messages / emails / social media conversations – One Kiss, Two Kisses Or Maybe Even Three.

Well this is a similar post only this time I’m talking about the exclamation mark.

I am an exclamation mark addict and I hate it.

Or hate it!

I cringe when I read back what I’ve written when it ends in an exclamation mark and yet I can’t stop using them.

Why you might ask?!

Well I am also a social media addict and rarely go longer than five mins an hour without checking my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts. My social media addiction means that I am always writing short but sweet messages to people (a lot of which don’t know me in real life) and without an exclamation mark I feel like I come across as a bit too serious. I’m not really a serious person in real life so I don’t feel like it accurately reflects my personality to end with just a full stop.

According to Wikipedia they should be used to mark strong emotion or a raised voice. This means I don’t even use them in the right way as I rarely want to portray either of those things when sending a 160 character tweet about my full boobs / Magnum ice-cream / daughters lack of willingness to be potty trained.

I have been using them for so long now that if I stopped people would probably think I was in a really bad mood so I will continue to add the upside down ‘i’ to all my sentences but I really do hate them.

Not that I am a big fan of the alternative either, the ‘smiley’, and I’ve taken to using them all the time too.

But at least now you know that when you see a message from me ending like this!! 🙂 xx, it has been done with reluctance and a big cringe. And note I’m not really that overexcited, about everything, all the time (I really wanted to leave one at the end of this sentence). I just can’t end a sentence without anything at the end of it!

What do you think?

Does anyone else have this problem?!

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