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The Importance Of Having A Hobby

by Jessica Amey

Until I started this blog I’d never had a hobby that I’d stuck at for longer than a day.

I would start off really enthusiastic, like when I decided I was going to knit myself a jumper, but after the initial burst of excitement the knitting needles and ‘Knitting for Dummies’ book got thrown aside and given to a charity shop a few years later. I know now that I just hadn’t found the right hobby because I’ve been blogging for nearly two and a half years now and my love for it just keeps growing and growing.

It has even sparked an interest in other hobbies such as photography and crafting.

Mr C has always had a hobby and has always tried to tell me how important it is to have one. I don’t think it’s enough to just want one though, you have to find something that you actually enjoy doing because a hobby should be something you actually want to do with your spare time and not something you feel you have to do.

It seems to be a lot easier for men to find hobbies that they really feel passionately about. Nearly all men are into a sport of some kind whether it be football, fishing, golf or motorsport. Mr C has always fallen into the last category.

Long-term readers of my blog will know that a year and a half ago he had a crash when riding his motocross bike – Broken. He broke his leg and completely shattered his ankle bone. Before he knew that he would have ongoing problems as a result of the accident he had no intention of giving it up which was hard for me to accept but at the same time I knew how much he loved it so I had to just accept it. It’s not like I could have made him give it up.

He did attempt to get back on a motocross bike but his ankle still causes him a lot of problems and it was too painful for him to continue so he decided it would be a good time to give up. I didn’t actually ever think I would ever see the day where that happened but it was a relief to hear.

You might be thinking that he decided on a new safe hobby like fishing?

Well no, he needs the thrill of an engine so he now ‘drifts’ instead. If  you haven’t heard of it then it’s basically where cars drive really fast around race tracks and kind of skids round the corners. It’s not without risks but he does have a roll cage in his car which makes it a bit safer. I think there is also a risk of fire but overall I still feel better about it than when he was riding motocross bikes.

And funnily enough after years of me banging on about how much I love blogging, and after the drifting pros at a workshop told him it was all about social media and blogging he’s gone and got himself a blog.

Cherry already pretends to blog so now in our house we can all be found on our laptops blogging!

Blogging opened up so many doors to me. Not only is it my hobby but I also class it as my job. The products I review, adverts, and paid posts I write have enabled me to stay at home and for that I am so grateful. Especially as it’s not something I ever even imagined could happen when I started out.

Lavender Fields

I know some people think classing your blog as your job is ridiculous but I don’t really know why. I put a lot of time and effort into the posts I write whether I’ve been paid for them or not. I work to deadlines, I always have emails to reply to and when I receive products I have to find time to take photos of them, use them and then write about them. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t always feel like work and I don’t earn a fortune but then I didn’t earn a fortune in my last job either.

And at the end of the day if you can earn money doing something you class as a hobby then isn’t that the ultimate goal?!

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