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The Phantom of the Opera Review

by Jessica Amey

Last Thursday I went to watch The Phantom of the Opera at Bristol Hippodrome.

I have to admit that I’m not much of a theatre person. I think I have only ever been twice. The first of which was when I was little and we went to see The Sound of Music and the second of which was on a school trip when we went to see Les Miserables.

The Sound of Music was amazing but Les Miserables bored me senseless and I think it put me off ever going again, until now.

My sister, who is a massive fan of the theatre, was incredibly excited when I asked her if she would like to come and assured me that I would love it.

I went in with an open mind and was prepared for the fact that I might either fall asleep / hate it / want to leave OR love it / become cultured / start dragging Dad2BabyInsomniac up to the West End every weekend.

I knew that either way I would love the songs as we grew up listening to the soundtrack.

What actually happened was a mixture of the two and here are some of my thoughts from the evening…

2 minutes in‘Oh god, I am going to hate it’

4 minutes in‘Actually, I think I am going to like it’

‘Bloody hell, these seats are uncomfortable’

‘Great, why did I have to get the only chair that squeaks’

‘Wow, how can anyone sing that well’

‘I wish I knew what the story is about’


‘That man sitting in front of me looks really bored’

‘Blimey, it’s all getting a bit Fifty Shades of Grey down in The Phantom’s basement’

‘Hmmm, maybe they should think about making a The Phantom of the Opera crossed with Fifty Shades of Grey show’

I would definitely choose The Phantom’

‘These people are so talented’

‘The Phantom of the Opera has such a powerful voice’

All in all, I loved it. I think even theatre haters would love it purely based on the fact that the actors and actresses in it were so talented. All of the performances were outstanding but my favourite part was when they performed the main song.


I had a great night and would recommend it to anyone. I might even go again some time!

Disclaimer – Superbreak  provided me with the tickets to see the show in order for me to write this post. They have a large range of theatre breaks on their website as well as concerts, attractions, events, hotels, anything you are looking for really!

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