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The Problem With The Weekend

by Jessica Amey

When you are working a full Mon-Fri week, the weekend is something to look forward to. It’s always a bit of a disappointment as it never seems long enough but it doesn’t stop you looking forward to the next one.

When you are a stay at home mum with a partner who works a full Mon-Fri week you look forward to the weekend as it means you get a break.

When you are me, you don’t really fit into either of those categories and therefore don’t really look forward to the weekend.

Mr C and I are both self-employed. I work from home and my hours are pretty flexible so I just fit them in around everyone else and Mr C is an electrician / mechanic / classic car restorer / welder so his hours vary depending on what kind of job he is doing. He has a workshop so if he doesn’t have any ‘proper work’ then he usually has a car he can go and work on.

I like this set-up as it means that every week is different and that sometimes he can have days off in the week. Days off in the week are much better than days off at weekend.

The problem with weekends is that they are too full of expectation. Whereas in the week you can sit around for an hour without doing anything, if you do it on a Saturday then it makes you feel like you are wasting precious time.

Then there is the issue of actually finding something to do. Prior to last May, the main focus of our weekend was motocross as Mr C races until he had his accident. This meant we had a year of no motocross, but we have nearly reached the time where he will be buying another bike and getting ready to race again, and although this does freak me out a bit, I will be quite glad to not have to plan things to do on our weekends anymore.

The off-putting thing about going anywhere on a Saturday or Sunday is the fact that you know it will be absolutely heaving. This immediately rules out swimming / shopping / going for lunch / walking around a town or city or visiting an ‘attraction’ – after all there is nothing attractive about being stuck in a crowd full of other families and their whinging children.

On Saturday, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t think of anything to do so we ended up eating bacon and egg sandwiches (highlight), visiting the dump to empty out all the crap from the back of my car and driving to a village to go for a walk only to decide that we couldn’t actually be bothered and coming home.

By Sunday we were all bored and decided we HAD to do SOMETHING so I told Mr C he could choose.

Guess where we ended up going?

A car museum.

Not exactly somewhere I would have chosen but it wasn’t actually too bad. It was nice and quiet, the outdoor play area was empty and their cafe did a yummy cream tea. Cherry loved it, bless her. PLUS we get to go back and visit for free, whenever we like for the next YEAR. I mean how exciting is that?!

The thing is that by the time we had paid for lunch, petrol and entry, we had probably spent nearly £50 meaning that it was actually a pretty expensive day out but oh well, it got us out of the house!

How do you spend your weekends?!

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