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The Things That Make Me, ME

by Jessica Amey

Advertorial post.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself over the years is that my style and the things I like changes dramatically. I will love something one minute and hate it the next which means that most things enter my house for a while before leaving in a bag for a charity shop a few months later. The good thing being that I usually bought them from there in the first place ūüėČ

Nectar recently contacted me to take part in their blogger challenge, I have to find things around my house that best reflect my personality and show what makes me, ME.

One of my favourite things is shopping in charity shops, I find it really exciting because you never know what you are going to find and it’s all so cheap. I also like the fact that you aren’t just going to end up with a piece of clothing that everyone else has. I have two clothes rails in my room full of vintage clothes that I found in charity shops. One is full of ridiculously bright floral skirts and the other full of t-shirts and jumpers. The yellow cardigan below is my latest find, it was in a local charity shop and only cost ¬£1! I love how it looks so pretty next to the other pastel colours too. I generally love anything that looks like it used to belong to a granny, in fact sometimes I even see grannies walking around in a skirt that I want for myself!


As well as finding vintage clothes I also love finding vintage items like cups, plates, sheets, lampshades and in this case saucepans. I found this at a car boot sale last week for 50p and can’t wait until I have a whole collection.


The main thing that really makes me, ME, right now is my addiction to crochet. I have shelves full of yarn and so many projects on the go, it’s starting to take over my living room! I just love the look of anything that has been crocheted and can put my love of bright colours into the things I make. My plan is to have a house full of everything crocheted,¬†a bit like some kind of crazy crochet museum. I recently finished a crochet lampshade which is hanging in our bedroom.


I am also really into cooking healthy food at the moment, in fact for the last week I have been fully vegan after watching so many documentaries about the agriculture industry on Netflix. When I first cut out dairy a few months ago it was more for health reasons but now I feel so strongly about the moral side of things that I just don’t want to support it any longer. Luckily there are so many amazing recipes and products out there these days that not eating it isn’t an issue at all. This was a cake I made for Tiger’s birthday, it was gluten free, sugar free and dairy free and tasted so good!


This chocolate is amazing too, as is one by iChoc which comes in cookie and white nougat flavour. They are so good that you wouldn’t even know they were dairy free. It was important to me to find a good chocolate replacement as at certain times of the month I crave it so badly.


More crochet and baking… these were apple cookies. With a cup of peppermint tea, a drink that I am totally addicted to.


And lastly the things that really make me, ME, are these two little people. I am who I am because of them and every day they help me to learn more about myself and become a better person.


So these are the things that make me, ME! What would you say is the number one thing that sums you up as a person?

Nectar have a new app available and if you download it you will be able to take part in this challenge too. Share what things make you, YOU, to be in with the chance of winning a personalised gift based on what you like.

You can find out more either on the app or by visiting the Nectar website.

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