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The Time I Got Photobombed At A Car Show!

by Jessica Amey

I’ve mentioned before that Mr C drifts cars, he used to ride motocross bikes but after having a pretty bad accident that smashed his entire ankle into little pieces he wasn’t able to ride again (he can’t even run on it), so switched to cars instead. If it isn’t fast he ain’t interested!

So our summer is now full of lots of car events, his car this year is pretty awesome too. He’s been building it all winter, it was literally just a shell to start with, I wouldn’t mind it for myself 😉

It’s nice this year too as Tiger is old enough to enjoy it, he loves cars so being at an event full of them is like heaven for him.


While we were there I asked Mr C to take some photos of me wearing a coat that will be featured on the blog soon (it’s from Fatface and is perfect for this weather when it’s hot one minute then cold the next) and it was only afterwards I realised I had been photobombed!! I literally had NO IDEA at the time (Mr C always laughs when I’m posing) and as a result the photos are hilarious!!



And the moment I realised…


I did tell him that he was going to end up on my blog, I couldn’t not put these up as they are too funny.

I will have to save up all my outfit photos for car shows and hope he happens to be walking past at the same time!

We had a really nice day, my dad and brother met us there as it’s halfway in-between us and although the forecast said rain it actually held off until five minutes after we left which was so lucky!

Here is a little vlog of our day, it’s actually my favourite so far as it’s a really realistic representation of our family life, I especially love the part where Tiger knocks Cherry’s doll off the fence (something which he is obsessed with doing at the moment!) and Cherry’s dancing in the rain at the end.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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