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There’s A Baby In There – 12 Week Baby Scan

by Jessica Amey

I announced my pregnancy seven weeks ago – A Little Announcement – but I didn’t want to blog about it again until I’d had the 12 week baby scan as it was early days and I wanted to make sure everything was okay in there.

My first baby scan appointment was on Wednesday morning and I was so nervous as we drove to the hospital but thankfully there was a little person in there. They kept very still which is different to Cherry who spent the entire time doing headstands and somersaults! I am hoping it means that this one will be a good sleeper!

I also got a feeling that it is a little boy, not sure why but that is my prediction!

They dated my pregnancy four days earlier than we thought so baby number two is due on the 27th of March 2013.

The scan was amazing but I just find it so surreal that there is a little baby in there!

12 week baby scan

Cherry was really excited. She, unlike me, seems to have completely grasped the fact that there is a baby in there and told the sonographer about how it was going to get bigger and bigger. Since the day of the scan she has been coming up to my tummy to show her toys the baby and was even feeding it some cake today.

Looking forward to the next baby scan now!

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