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Things That Annoy Me

by Jessica Amey

When I come downstairs ten minutes after hoovering and find the floor covered in bits.

When Mr C uses the bread knife to butter bread.

DUST – No matter how often I hoover, I still find it everywhere.

Spending the time to cook dinner, only to find the end result tastes disgusting.

The fact that this weather is making it near impossible to do any laundry.

Which leads to discovering my washing hasn’t dried properly and smells of that repulsive damp smell, meaning I have to wash it all again.

Cars that drive right up behind you because you actually adhere to the speed limit.

Cars that overtake in dangerous situations.

The fact that despite phoning the council and asking them to bring me a bigger bin, I still have a tiny one which gets full up nearly a week before collection day.

Coming out of my front door and having to walk through ten spiders webs to come out the other side of the bush surrounding my house.

The fact that no matter how hard I try, my house is always a mess. I am messy by nature but the state of the place sometimes is even too much for me.

Getting out of the bath to find the only towel has been used already and is wet.

The colour of my hair.

The spots that have been visible on my face for 15 years.

The fact that all my walls need re-painting but I don’t see how that is ever going to be possible.

I know none of these are big problems in the scheme of how shit the world can be but today I am hormonal and EVERYTHING IS DRIVING ME INSANE.


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