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Things To Do When You’re Overdue

by Jessica Amey

So I’m overdue and there’s not really much else you can think about when you reach this point.

Here is a list of what I do…

Sit on the sofa.

Feel guilty for sitting on the sofa.

Go for a walk.

Walk for five minutes before realising that the pressure on your groin and ache in your back is making you waddle too much to get very far.

Sit down on the sofa again.

Wonder if you are ever going to go into labour.

Eat lunch.

Eat chocolate.

Feel guilty for eating chocolate.

‘Prepare’ the house for the baby by cleaning and sorting everything in the same way you have been doing since your pregnancy app informed you that the baby was full term and you needed to be ready – 28 DAYS AGO.

Sit on the sofa.

Get briefly excited when a Braxton hick feels a bit more uncomfortable than usual.

Bounce on the birthing ball for a few minutes before feeling motion sick and returning to the sofa.

Eat dinner.

Eat chocolate.

Feel like you should be doing some exercise in preparation for the birth.

Remember the failed attempt at a walk earlier and have a bath instead.

Sit back down on the sofa.

Eat more food.

Go to bed wondering if you will wake up in labour.

Wake up the next morning, not in labour, repeat the process.

If you want a more helpful list of things to do when you’re over due then you can try these.

things to do when you're overdue

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