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Tiger Turns Two / Our Easter Weekend

by Jessica Amey

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend?

We did, apart from an incident on Sunday night (more on that below). Mr C usually works on bank holidays but there was a motocross race that he wanted to go and watch on Friday and we knew Tiger would love it so he decided to have the day off. As it turns out the weather was terrible but as we’d planned to do something we decided that he would take the day off anyway. We actually ended up going to Ikea, much to his disappointment, it was heaving as well. I didn’t take any photos but you can see some footage in the vlog at the end. We even topped it off with a trip to Toys R Us, Mr C did pretty well though considering he hates shopping.

On Saturday I spent the morning in the hairdressers getting my roots done (they needed doing so badly!) and in the afternoon we went to see some animals at a local rescue centre’s open day.

Then on Sunday my little man turned two!

After starting the day with a banana cake, it was sugar free and dairy free hence the topping looking a bit weird! I whipped up coconut milk but it melted so let’s just say this cake definitely won’t be going on Pinterest, it did taste good though and the birthday boy demolished a fair old bit!




Then we headed out to a car museum, Tiger is obsessed with cars and bikes so we knew he would love it. Getting to touch a real motorbike was a real highlight for him!








Then we headed off to do an Easter egg hunt. We don’t tend to give the kids much chocolate so used plastic eggs filled with Easter confetti and glittery mini eggs (Cherry loves stuff like this and is still playing with it now) until the last egg which was real.







We had such a lovely day but after lunch Tiger fell over and bumped his head at the car museum and what was a pretty large bump to start with had turned into a MASSIVE one by the evening. I hadn’t been worried as he was absolutely fine in himself but we decided to phone 111 anyway just to check and they said we needed to take him to A+E. In the end I took him to our local minor injuries unit as it was closer and ended up staying there for over three hours waiting to be seen. He was fine to start with but after an hour kept leading me to the door saying ‘COME ON’ and then spent an hour screaming ‘Daddy, Cherry, bike’, it was really quite stressful as I couldn’t stop him from crying and by the time we were seen he was shattered as it was so late but luckily they said he was okay to go home as long as I kept an eye on him in the night. It was actually quite nice to spend some time with just Tiger too, I’m not sure there has ever been a time when it’s been just us. I slept in his room and checked him every hour but by the next day the bump had gone down loads and he was still fine which was a relief.

It was a bit of a rubbish end to his birthday but he was happy to get home to some new birthday presents.

On Monday Mr C had to work for half the day but when he got home it was really sunny so we had our first BBQ of the year. And it’s been warm ever since so our garden is back in action. The kids are really enjoying spending so much time out there and we haven’t even had our TV on in the day so far this week which has been such a good thing.

And here is a little vlog, I’ve only realised since I’ve started filming myself just how much I talk about the weather. I’m obsessed! So typically British 😉


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