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To Designer Or Not Designer?!

by Jessica Amey

I’ve never been one to spend a huge amount of money on clothing for Cherry and Tiger.

Mainly because I’ve never been one to spend a huge amount of clothing for myself but also because we don’t actually have a huge amount of money to spend on anything.

In Winter I spend a bit more as she needs to wear more layers but in Summer I honestly spend next to nothing and she still has more than enough to wear.

I buy all her essentials in the supermarkets as they sell leggings and dresses for £3 each which means you can pick up a whole load for under £20. We also live near Clark’s Village which has Monsoon, Gap and Next outlet stores which are good for picking up bargains.

Then I look in charity shops and on Facebook groups. I recently bought three dresses for £3 in our local charity shop and they all looked like they’d never been worn before.

This is one of them…

There are certain things that I do spend a little bit more on, such as clothing for special occasions or if something is particularly gorgeous (like the pettiskirt Cherry recently reviewed), and as she gets older and doesn’t grow so quickly I will look at buying clothing that is better quality as the cheap clothes don’t wash well / last as long but even if I won the lottery I just can’t see myself ever buying my kids designer clothes.

Obviously the amount you spend on clothing is relative to the amount you earn, and the lifestyle you choose to lead. If you are ridiculously rich and you spend hundreds on a dress for your little girl to wear to a ball where everyone is wearing designer clothing then I can kind of understand but I don’t think I will ever understand how anyone can justify spending £354 on a babygro like the one below!

Babies grow every few weeks and in my experience they puke and poo their way through about five outfits a day in those early months so why, JUST WHY would you do it?!!

  But each to their own and all.

And although I couldn’t afford to spend £354 on a babygro even if I wanted (which I don’t!), the company that sells it  – Alex and Alexa is actually awesome and sells lots of things that I would buy. As well as clothing they also sell toys, craft products and nursery furniture.

Here are some of my favourites….

1 – This gorgeous paint by numbers set is by Djeco.

2 – Wooden toy mobile phone is by Janod and I like it because it’s not plastic like most of them.

3 – Denim canvas teepee is by Vilac

4 – Pink camera is by Lomography.

5 – Mark’s pink camera sticky notes.

6 – Sukie button factory.

7 – Art easel by Melissa and Doug.

In order to buy any clothes at all I need to earn a little bit of money so I have been compensated for writing this post, all the words and thoughts are my own though, I really wouldn’t ever spend £354 on a babygro!

Would you?!

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