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To My Gorgeous Little Guy…

by Jessica Amey

To My Gorgeous Little Guy,

I can’t believe you’ve only been part of our family for seven weeks, it feels like you have been here forever. Life without you in it seems like a distant memory now. From the first moment I saw your little face my heart opened up and absorbed you in filling every part of my body with an intense burst of pure love that is growing stronger by the day.

Daddy is already making jokes about how you’re going to be a Mummy’s Boy, and of course I laugh and tell him not to be silly while secretly hoping that you will be. I’ve always cringed a bit at ‘those’ mums of boys but now I have you I can totally relate to it, but don’t worry I will try my best to never embarrass you!

You are such a chilled out little baby and have fitted in so well. Your big sister has fallen completely in love with you and I’m afraid you had better get used to her dressing you up because she already loves putting bracelets and shoes on you, I’m in no doubt it it going to get much worse. I will try and stop her dressing you up as a fairy when the time comes although I might take a photo first.

You started smiling at us last week. At first you only did it when we made funny noises at you like ‘woo hoo’ or ‘blah’ – watching Daddy shout ‘woo hoo’ in a high pitched voice in rather amusing so I can see why it makes you smile but now you are doing it all the time and it makes me feel all warm inside. You make a little laugh sound too sometimes and the first time you did it I nearly started crying it was so exciting.

You are still at that age where to us you look like the most gorgeous thing ever but to everyone else you look like a bit of a potato head. We know this because when we look back at photos of Iyla at your age she looked like a bit of a potato head but we never thought that at the time. I think you look perfect though and I could stare at your little face for hours.

We have taken one of the sides off your cot and put it up against our bed because you like sleeping near me. In the early hours of the morning you no longer like to settle in your cot and will only sleep in the crook of my arm which is so lovely. I am making the most of every cuddle with you because I know how quickly you are going to grow up.

On the subject of growing up, I am so excited that you are a boy and I get to experience what it is like to raise a boy as well as a girl. I can’t promise I will know what I’m doing but I can promise that I will always do my best. I have heard that boys are simpler than girls, well I kind of know that already being a girl myself, but it is really important to me that I raise you to have respect for women and to know how to cook and wash your own socks. But as you are only seven weeks old we have plenty of time to worry about that!

Your arrival has made us feel like a proper family and I can’t wait to see your personality start to shine through over the next few months.

I love you so much.

Mummy xxx

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