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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Lampshade

by Jessica Amey

Lampshades are often an overlooked yet vital component of a room’s interior design. They provide endless opportunities to infuse your style and flair into your room’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere. Therefore, one must take time when selecting the right lampshade. Here are expert tips to help you choose the best lampshades to
install in any room of your home.

Determine its primary use
When deciding on a lampshade for your home, consider if it is for ambience, function, or both. Light-toned shades will give off more light and provide illumination without taking away from the room’s overall aesthetic. Darker shades create a
warmer atmosphere and can add depth to a space. To maximise your lighting needs, click here and choose the lampshade that allows maximum diffusion in your home.

Place lampshades in unconventional spaces
Lampshades can be a great way to bring style and sophistication into rooms that don’t traditionally have them, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. Drum lampshades are an increasingly popular choice for modern homes, adding a focal
point over the bathtub or bathroom vanity. If your laundry room has countertops, consider adding a small lampshade with warm lighting to create a cosy ambience in what might otherwise be a dark corner of your home.

Choose a lampshade that complements your existing interior design
Consider your overall design aesthetic when considering a lampshade colour and style for your living room, bedroom, or any space that needs lighting. If you want to draw attention to your lampshades, opt for bright and bold colours that stand out
from your existing decor. If you want to blend in with your existing interior design scheme, stick to neutral tones like beige or white. Your lampshade should complement the other colours in a space so that it doesn’t disrupt your colour palette.

Make safety a priority
When choosing a lampshade, you must ensure it is the correct distance from the light bulb to prevent burning or any other damage. Adjusting your lampshade’s distance to the bulb by adjusting the size harp or using a fitter will protect the shades
from burning due to heat from the bulb being too close. While some prefer quicker fixes, following these techniques will keep your new lampshade functioning safely for years.

Consider the right shape for your lamp base
Changing your lampshade can be a great way to give any room a fresh look and feel. With a wide range of shapes available, you can find something that accurately captures the look you want. For example, the drum or cylinder shape is perfect for
creating a more modern aesthetic, while traditional bell lampshades might be more suitable for creating a classic atmosphere. If you’re unsure which shape will work best with your lamp base, many manufacturers will lend their expertise to ensure that the result is what you envision.

Final thoughts
When selecting a lampshade for your space, maintain an eye for what looks best. Follow what you think will work best regarding the aesthetic value in each space and trust yourself, as ultimately, only you can decide which lampshade will look and feel good in your home.

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