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Upgrades that will Increase your Garden’s Appeal

by Jessica Amey

Do you look around your garden and feel as though your space isn’t quite as nice as it could be? Maybe you want to make some upgrades but don’t know where to start. Either way, if you follow this guide then you will soon find that it is easier to increase your garden’s appeal in no time at all.

Spruce up your Table and Chairs

If you leave your garden chairs outside during winter then you may be tempted to put a cover over it. This is great, but come spring, it can look a little unloved. One of the easiest ways for you to combat this would be for you to spruce things up with a fresh lick of paint. Chalk paint is fantastic for outdoor use, and it is a very inexpensive way for you to freshen up your space. Choose bright colours if you want to make a bigger impact, because even when your flowers aren’t blooming, you can still make sure that there is a lot of colour in your garden. 

Create a Seasonal Display

Styled displays aren’t just for your interior.  You can use them outside as well. Take the time to plant some pots with seasonal flowers. If you want to brighten your garden in the spring then consider using tulips, hyacinths and even daffodils. In the summer, you have sweet peas, snapdragons and cosmos. Don’t be afraid to get creative with some quirky pieces too, such as some vintage vases or an old wash tub. This is a great way for you to get the display you are looking for.

Upgrade Lighting

You should also look into your garden lighting if possible. Garden lighting is key if you want your space to look great, for years to come. Try and add some layers of light, so you can control the ambience. Wall lights add a practical level of illumination if you want to mix cocktails or if you want to prepare drinks. You might also want to add some pendant lights, if you want something to brighten your space while you have drinks with friends. You might also want to consider adding some lights to your dining area, or around your BBQ so when you do host, you can keep the party going long into the night. If you want to add to your space even more, then why not invest in a luxury pergola for some extra privacy?

Choose some Stepping Stones

Why not try and create an element of interest by adding some stepping stones to your garden path? The great thing about doing this is that it’s practical, and it makes a great alternative to a normal, straight path. It’s very cost-effective and it is a great way for you to upgrade your garden. If you are stuck for ideas, then sandstone, slate and even limestone are all very good choices. You can add lights down the side of the stepping stones, or you can add a flower border for extra interest.

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