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Waiting Patiently

by Jessica Amey

I’m now two days from my due date and it’s quite a strange time.

It feels like our lives are in limbo as we wait for our new arrival.

I don’t like to go out very much, just in-case, and I’ve been feeling so tired that it’s hard to even find the energy to do much around the house so it really is a case of just waiting.

The difference between this pregnancy and my last though is that I really am waiting patiently.

I am so excited about finally meeting the little person that has been growing inside me for the last 40 weeks but because I already have a toddler it doesn’t feel like I am waiting for such a life-changing event this time.

We are already parents, we know what it involves. We know about the sleepless nights but how not sleeping for nights on end is worth it because of how amazing it is to raise a child. We know how much joy children can bring into your life.

We also know that it can be hard work which is why I think I am making the most of my last few days of rest!

The fact I feel more comfortable than I have done my whole pregnancy is helping. My back hasn’t been aching and it has been really nice to just sit around relaxing, eating and enjoying my last few days as a mum of one / family of three.

Life hasn’t been very fun for Cherry lately though as all we’ve really done is stay in, although having said that it’s been so cold that I doubt we would have been doing much anyway!

I will make it up to her once the weather has improved and we are more settled into our life as a family of four.

Anyway she seems to have enough fun indoors!

Did you find you were more patient second time round?

Or have I just not reached the past my due date desperateness yet?!

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