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Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?!

by Jessica Amey

There is something so magical about snow, especially for us folks living in the UK as we so rarely get to see it.

Cherry has been asking when it’s going to snow for weeks now, since the weather turned cold we’ve been watching lots of Frozen again and all the Christmas films feature snow so she seems to have it in her head that it WILL snow at some point.

Obviously I can’t tell her when or even if it will snow this winter but luckily being the age she is means she is just as happy to play in pretend snow.

At the weekend after a long week of being stuck indoors due to Tiger being ill I decided to chuck all the little polystyrene peanuts that came in a parcel we received all over the living room. It made a right mess but as any parent will know sometimes you will do anything for a bit of peace and watching the kids play so happily in it for over an hour was definitely worth the fact it clogged up my hoover and made it overheat during the tidy up afterwards!

They threw snowballs..

Wanna build a snowman

Made snow angels…


snow angels

And it turned a really boring afternoon into a really lovely afternoon…

snowman one

snowman 3

One day I hope they get to experience doing all these things in real snow. I was lucky enough to go on quite a few ski holidays when I was growing up, it’s actually the only sport I genuinely enjoy and going up into the mountains with my dad is still one of my favourite childhood memories.

This was me (on the right) and my sister with our dad in Austria on our first skiing holiday.


And this was us with our mum on the same holiday (me on the left)…

skiing two

I would absolutely LOVE the chance to recreate these photos with my little family, and the chance to go skiing again, I haven’t been since I was 15 which was half my life ago!

That’s why I’m writing this post.. Mark Warner are looking for some new bloggers to work with next year and obviously being one of them would be THE most amazing thing ever!

Would your ideal holiday be in snow or sun?!

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