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What Happens In Kavos

by Jessica Amey

I went on holiday with two of my friends when I was a teenager. It was actually with my mum and younger sister too but they had an apartment on the other side of the complex and we didn’t have much to do with them. We went to a small Greek Island called Poros and although the nightlife was not exactly what we hoped for, we made the most of it.

We got drunk, went to bars / clubs, pulled guys who were quite a few years older than us, drank lots of free Ouzo, puked on the beach (well I puked on the beach, I was always sick!) and danced to Mambo Number 5 every night.

We weren’t exactly angels but what we got up to was nothing compared to what happens in certain holiday resorts these days.

There have been a number of shows on telly lately such as ‘What Happens In Kavos’, ‘Sun, Sea and Suspicious Parents” and ‘The Magaluf Weekender’ that have shown what teenagers get up to whilst abroad and even as a fairly young adult I have been left speechless at some it.

First was the drinking game that goes on in some of the clubs, it requires girls to compete against each other in order to give random guys erections. They were actually using oral sex and other ‘hands on’ (if you get my drift!) methods to achieve this.

Next was the booze cruise. A boat that took out hoards of people with the aim of getting drunk as quickly as possible. There were men ripping off women’s bikini tops, despite them protesting. Men drinking each others urine / sick / semen. People getting into as many sex positions as they can as part of a game and people in long lines passing mouthfuls of drink to each other.

Then there was the accident and emergency ward, it would fill up with injured Brits every night, some of which would end up leaving with fractured ankles so as not to miss a night of drinking.

To be honest, it was like watching a bunch of animals.

It makes me wonder how I would have behaved had I been on holiday in Kavos all those years ago but I just can’t believe that I ever would have joined in with some of the antics. I did go a bit off the rails when I was a teenager, I was always drinking until I passed out puking everywhere, I snogged people for pound coins when I had run away down to Newquay one Summer and had no money. I got my nipple, tongue and lip pierced without even telling my mum, I took a pretty large amount of drugs (although as BBC 3 claimed the other night, they were the ‘old school’ party drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine, none of this plant food / horse tranquilizer crap that they take these days.

I didn’t however go into bars and perform sex acts on men to try and get a free drink. Nor did I have unprotected sex with guys I had just met knowing that there was a strong chance I would end up catching an STD. Nor would I ever have snogged someone who I had just watched vomit / drink urine.

Maybe I’m just getting old, or maybe this always went on and I just never realised. I guess if they are all there choosing to partake in the whole ‘no rules apply’, let’s all drink cheap alcohol and have as much sex as possible then it’s their choice but the problem is that I now see it through the eyes of a parent and I would be absolutely horrified if I ever thought Cherry was behaving in that way.

What happens in Kavos is beyond shocking and I bet there are now a lot of parents all waiting in fear of hearing those dreaded words ‘Mum / Dad I want to go on holiday to Kavos’.

Think there might be a passport going missing every Summer in our house, especially if Mr C has anything to do with it!

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