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When You’re Not At Glastonbury Festival…

by Jessica Amey

Re-create one in your garden!

From the age of 13 until 24, Mr C and I never missed a Glastonbury Festival (unless it was having a year off), we live down the road and anyone who has been will know that it is not something to be missed.

Then I got pregnant and we had Iyla, then we had Jobey and before we knew it we had missed five years of it. There is nothing quite as annoying as knowing that down the road everyone you know plus thousands of other people are having the most fun of their lives so we have made the decision that next year we are going to start going again. It will be somewhat different to how it used to be as we will be taking two kids but I’m looking forward to seeing all the parts of the festival that I didn’t manage to in my pre-children days.

This year however we had to make do with a Glastonbury Festival in our garden, thanks to MoneySuperMarket who provided us with £50 and the challenge of spending it on a great night in.

So we ate Pieminister Pies in boxes (the staple of our diet at the festival and my MOST FAVOURITE PIES EVER).

Washed it down with Brother’s Strawberry Cider (the drink of choice at the festival).

Listened to Mumford and Son’s whilst chilling out in pink sleeping bags (Iyla’s choice of colour).

And most important of all we made sure we had all our festival essentials to hand: Toilet paper, dry shampoo and baby wipes.

Of course it wasn’t the same but Cherry had fun and it was good preparation for next year when she will experience the real thing!

Disclaimer: Money Supermarket provided us with £50 to buy the items in this post.

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