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Zalando Review

by Jessica Amey

I tend to buy a lot of things online these days as shopping with a toddler is not all that easy!

So when I was offered a voucher to test out the services of an online company called Zalando, I was more than happy to oblige.

Zalando have an enormous range of shoes, as well as clothes (designer, sports and high street), home and beauty products so it was really difficult to decide what to buy but being pregnant and unsure what size I will be following the birth, I decided to play it safe and not go for any clothing.

Whilst browsing the other sections I stumbled across the most amazing scarf section (OVER 1000 DIFFERENT SCARVES TO BE PRECISE!), I love buying scarves because they make any outfit look interesting and are perfect for covering up when breastfeeding, something which will be important in a few months.

You can narrow down the search using various options but I went for the price slider as I am not in a position to afford designer at the moment, as lovely as they may be!

In the end I chose this scarf by Esprit…

This scarf by Oasis….

And this scarf by Pieces which rather randomly has a print of a bear wearing trainers on, something which I didn’t realise when I chose it!

Excuse the terrible photos, I am not a fan of having my picture taken!

I will definitely be shopping at Zalando again, I hadn’t heard of them before and didn’t realise they had the best scarf selection I have ever seen! I already have my eye on about twenty more, to add to my already rather large collection. If you like online shopping then I would definitely recommend them, they have such large collections of everything they sell that it’s impossible not to find what you are looking for.

Disclaimer – I was sent a Zalando gift voucher for the purpose of this review.

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