The Ordinary Moments

Tiger is 16 months and still only has six teeth. The last week he has been getting signs of more appearing though, he has been really grumpy and his sleep has been disturbed.

He’s been staying up late after lots of failed bedtime attempts and waking up in the early hours crying.

In fact on an unrelated note but something that was so freaky I have to share: We had brought him downstairs the other night and he was really happily running around and playing when all of a sudden he stopped by the wall looking out to our front door and screamed like I have never heard before. It was the most ear piercing scream ever and he was shaking with fear. I’ve never seen anything like it from either of my kids and even Mr C was completely freaked out. I wish I had it on camera as it’s not even possible to put into words just how freaky it was!!

Anyway, Tiger joining us in our bed has become an ordinary moment of late and I’m really enjoying the early morning cuddles. I have always brought both the kids into our bed if they are ill or upset, it’s never been an issue as they always go back to sleeping in their own beds without any problems when they are better.

Obviously the fact we have a super king-size bed helps, when we had a double it wasn’t quite as enjoyable!

These photos are terrible quality as they were just snapped on my iPhone in the darkness of my bedroom but they will trigger memories that will no doubt reduce me to tears in 20 years time.

photo 2 (10)

photo 1 (9)

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  1. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy says

    You see these photos are bad quality, but I thought it was deliberate to capture the morning light until you said they were on your iphone, I was going to ask you how. This is our bed every morning, although we just have the double, so not quite as comfortable with a 23 month old and an 9 month old. This is a beautiful post.

  2. says

    What a gorgeous moment :) Teething is horrible for them, Abbie’s just had 2 of hers pop through at the same time, I was wondering why she was sleeping so erratically, they were her 13th & 14th teeth! It’s crazy because she didn’t get her first tooth until she was about 13 months, then suddenly she has 14 in 10 months, she’s been really good with them thankfully, can’t be much fun for them though! We co-sleep with Abbie so I definitely think that helps, sometimes they just need mummy snuggles :) x

  3. says

    Oh I think they’re gorgeous photos – and there is something very special about early morning snuggles (though I envy you the super king bed – our king size is starting to feel a bit squished with four and a half of us!). Like you our girls come in whenever they need to and for all the moments H complains that he’s going to start wearing his cricket pads to bed I know neither of us would swap for the world!

  4. says

    Beautiful shots and lovely to capture the sweet positive moment in a difficult period! Hope his teething settles soon! By the way the screaming thing is creepy, would probably have really freaked me out! Xx #ordinarymoment

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