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12 Bridal / Wedding Skirts For All Budgets

by Jessica Amey

The wedding has been the last thing on my mind over the last month, we’ve been so busy with the house move that I had actually forgotten all about it. Well I say wedding, in actual fact we don’t have any such plans as of yet, we haven’t even had a proper talk yet about what we will do although are both in agreement it will be small. And most likely overseas, possibly with only us there but we shall see…

I have had a little think about what I would wear though, obviously, and despite my optimistic plans to crochet my entire wedding dress there is absolutely no chance that will ever happen, well not unless I want to wait 50 years to get married. I would like to crochet my top though then buy a skirt to go with it but even if I don’t end up making any of it I will still go for a 2-piece outfit as I much prefer the idea of wearing a skirt and a top instead of a wedding dress.

The great thing about wearing a skirt is that you can look for them anywhere and they don’t even need to be labelled as bridal or wedding skirts which means you don’t have to pay the mark up in price that anything wedding related seems to have. I don’t plan to spend much at all as I don’t see the point for something I will only wear for one day, plus we won’t have a lot to spend, but the collection I’ve put together below does have some more expensive options and I do love them. In fact the most expensive four are all my favourites but they would be better suited to a larger wedding and not the kind we will be having. I found all of these wedding skirts on Etsy but I have added the link to each one below.

12 wedding skirts for all budgets

1 – This skirt has three layers and comes in three different colours, I really like the look of it.

2 – This is the Margot Tulle Skirt.

3 – This is called the Dream Skirt and comes with custom colour options.

4 – This Nude Tulle Peony Skirt is so amazing, I absolutely love it but it’s a little out of my price range plus is a bit OTT for the type of wedding we will be having. You can choose different colour options for it.

5 – This Ivory Tulle Skirt is fully lined and I love how simple it is.

6 – I also love this Catherine Tulle Skirt, I basically love all the really over the top ones. There is a custom colour option too.

7 – This Scandi Skirt is a little bit different from the others but would be great for a more relaxed wedding. It is also available in different colours, I don’t think I would choose this shade.

8 – I quite like this tulle skirt in grey but it also comes in lots of other colours.

9 – These are listed as bridesmaid skirts but they come in different colours so having one made in more of a neutral shade could easily work for a wedding. Plus they are super affordable!

10 – This dip-dye skirt is available with different colour options.

11- Again this tulle skirt is one of my favourites. It also comes in different colours.

12 – I think out of all of them this is my favourite though as I love the top too. I would love to try and crochet something like the top then wear it with a skirt like this.

Despite me not opting for a traditional wedding dress I might still have to go into a shop and try lots on though, just for fun 😉

Feel free to share any tips you have on looking for the perfect wedding outfit 🙂

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