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Crafty Christmas Gift Ideas

by Jessica Amey

Really thoughtful Christmas gifts are the ones you’ve made yourself, you’ve put time and thought into making something with that person on mind. If that is not a true Christmas gift, then what is? Crafty gifts are often a lot cheaper than buying gifts in high street stores too. Getting crafty is definitely the best thing to do this festive season. No matter if it’s the in-laws, your kids, or your other half, there is always something you can make that would be the perfect gift. Look at some of the ideas below, to get some inspiration. Make your gifts stand out this Christmas, by putting a bit of extra thought and feeling into the things you create.

Things for the Garden

Getting crafty in the garden is a great way to express yourself, and a great way to decorate it too. You could try getting your paint brushes out and painting a few plant pots, or anything else you can get your hands on. Some strong geometric patterns, or even painting some thematic floral design, will go down a treat. A bit of colour will jazz up even the barest winter garden. Just buy some cheap ceramic plant pots and let your imagination run wild. You could even buy some plants too to go in them, or use them as a mini hampers and fill them with smaller gifts.

Frame Your Best Work

If your have a collection of knitting you’re particularly proud of, or some crochet designs then you totally use them as a gift to someone. Why not buy poster frames online, collect some of the best designs you have created throughout the year, and frame them? This could make for a really interesting gift for anyone who is interested in craft themselves, or can appreciate some good handy work. People frame their paintings and drawings, so you should do the same for your craft as well.

Plus, the you have already done the hard work throughout the year, all you need is to get a frame, then your done. A very speedy gift idea.

Keeping them Warm this Winter

You could always go down the traditional knitted jumper, cosy socks, or even a nice beanie. If your have a sense of humour, why not knit or design a Christmas themed jumper and make your other half wear it?

Keeping your friends and family warm this winter, is a gift that keeps on giving. These kinds of gifts are also useful as well, so they won’t be swept to the back of the wardrobe. Useful gifts are the ones that keep on giving, so although it might be simple. Knitting or making something to keep your loved ones warm, is a fantastic gift idea.

Christmas is a great time to get crafty, and there are so many ways you can create unique and thoughtful gifts for all your friends and family. Whether you decide to knit your mum a jumper, your partner a new hat, or you decide to make something lovely for the garden, have fun with it!

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