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My Favourite Vegan Cafe: The Planet in Taunton, Somerset

by Jessica Amey

The Planet is a vegan cafe in Taunton, Somerset. They are completely plant-based and everything I’ve eaten in there has been AMAZING. They make everything themselves including the cheese and mayonnaise too. Unfortunately we don’t live close enough to pop in every day but whenever we are in the area I always have to make a stop in there whether it’s for lunch or just tea and cake.

The staff are all super friendly and if you have any allergies then they are really helpful. They always have a great selection of cakes, all of which are fresh, there is nothing worse than when you order cake and it’s really old and dry but that’s never been the case here. They always have a range of pastries ready to eat, the not sausage rolls are amazing and I’ve seen photos of their spinach and almond feta pastries which look equally good. Then they have a range of salads to accompany burgers. They have two burgers, I can’t remember what the one I have is called but it’s the one without mushrooms. How good does this look??!

vegan burger the planet vegan cafe taunton somerset


the planet vegan cafe taunton somerset

I’ve tried lots of the cakes in there now, the photo above is of the lemon cake and I’ve also had the coffee. Cherry usually goes for a cupcake and I’ve tried a bit of her Bakewell tart one which has been amazing, they were all amazing but I have to say my favourite was this chocolate and peanut butter one which was unbelievably delicious. Writing this post is making me so hungry!

vegan chocolate cake vegan cafe taunton somerset

I mention it all the time but the Happy Cow app is a great way to find a vegan cafe in your area, my friend told me about it and I use it all the time as you can put a town in and it will bring up all the vegan cafes, vegan friendly cafes and healthfood shops in your area.

And if you are ever in Taunton then I would definitely recommend checking out The Planet, you can visit their website here and they are also on Facebook here and Instagram here.

If you are interested in the places I eat out and the things I eat then you can also follow my Instagram account dedicated to all things vegan here: alongcamecherrygoesvegan.

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