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Chase And Skye Paw Patrol Crocheted Dreamcatchers

by Jessica Amey

The kids have been absolutely obsessed with Paw Patrol for months now so I decided to make them a Paw Patrol themed present for Christmas this year. Tiger’s favourite pup is Chase and Cherry’s is Everest, or Skye, so I crocheted some dreamcatchers with their faces on.

I just freestyle crocheted them, working from a photo I started with the main face area then just kept adding bits on before embroidering the eyes, noses and mouths on. I find that once you know how to increase / decrease stitches it’s really easy to make something look how you want it to, although Everest has a bit of freaky look to her! Overall I’m impressed with them though and the kids loved them.

Once I’d finished the faces I weaved in all the ends and sewed them onto a dreamcatcher hoop that I’d crocheted a couple of rounds on. Then I tied some thicker yarn onto the bottom of the hoops and added a tie at the top to hang them up.

I’ve actually been making lots of other crocheted dreamcatchers to sell in my Etsy shop so if you would like to buy one then pop over and take a look, I’m on there as Disco Sloth Designs.

everest paw patrol crochet dreamcatcher

chase paw patrol crochet

everest paw patrol crochet dreamcatcher

I’m not sure what it is about Paw Patrol that they love so much but most of their games are themed around it, this was a post that Cherry wanted me to share on my craft blog. It’s of all the things she’d made for their games, pup tags and masks. They just love it!

If your kid’s have a favourite character and you can crochet why not try making them a dreamcatcher like this? I always think it’s nicer to give handmade gifts, they are so much more memorable and time is worth so much more than money 🙂

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