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How To Make Homeschooling A Breeze

by Jessica Amey

Many of us have been thrown into homeschooling for the first time over the last 15 weeks. While many people homeschool very successfully and even love it, it might not have been something that you had ever even considered before. 

Then, you were thrust into it with no warning or preparation. Out of nowhere, you were responsible for your child’s education. 

It might have been difficult. Some people fell into it easily. But, if you haven’t done maths since you left school yourself, you might have felt lost. If your children don’t particularly enjoy school, finding ways to motivate them might be a constant battle. You might all be losing your tempers and growing frustrated, and you may well be counting down the days to the summer holidays. 

But, in these last few weeks, why not try to have a little fun? Here are some of the ways that you can make homeschooling a breeze.

Let Go Of Pressure

There’s so much pressure on us to do everything. School might be sending work home, you might be looking at what other parents are doing on social media, and it can be easy to feel as though you aren’t doing enough. 

Remember, homeschoolers on social media are the same as anyone else on social media. You see the highlight reel. Not the stress, the activities that have gone wrong, and the battles to get everyone to the desk. 

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself or your child. At this point, if you are still trying to homeschool, you are doing a lot more than many parents. 

Get Outdoors

For a child, everything is more fun, and a bit of a treat if it’s outside. Take work outdoors, go on walks, draw pictures, and take photographs. Try a scavenger hunt or a min-beast quest, and enjoy playing football in the park. 

Choose Topics Together

This is your chance to do something different. Check-in with your child’s teachers, but most schools are happy for you to go off their path somewhat, especially with younger children, as long as they are learning. 

Let them choose some of their own topics, or spend a week learning more about something they love. You could even get them to teach you for a week. 

Cut Down On Other Commitments

Homeschooling itself might not be stressing you out. Instead, it might be trying to homeschool around everything else that you have going on at home. Cleaning, tidying, cooking, and other responsibilities can mean that you are short on time. 

So, try to cut things. Read this piece on What is the difference between Engineered Wood and Laminate Floors? And consider how wooden floors could be easier to clean. Start a cleaning rota. Order takeout after a busy day schooling, and remember, no one will be seriously hurt if you fail to wash up one night.

Try to Enjoy It

There’s not long left, and once this is over, you never have to homeschool again (probably), so why not try to look for the positives? 

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