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Planting Seeds For The 1st Time

by Jessica Amey

I’ve always loved the idea of growing vegetables but have never really known where to start. I bought a book on growing vegetables in your garden but all the talk of PH levels of your soil completely overwhelmed me so I gave the book to a charity shop then forgot all about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago Gratnells contacting me about an infographic they had put together detailing how easy it was to grow certain edible plants out of trays in your home. They asked me to give it a go so we did and the trays we planted a few days ago have already started to shoot. We are keeping them on the windowsill in our kitchen and have one tray of rocket and mixed leaves and another of coriander. I’m really looking forward to that one growing tall enough to eat as I LOVE coriander and having my own supply would be amazing.

Once I’ve grown something successfully it might give me the confidence to move on to other vegetables too. I would love to be able to go into my garden and pick fresh veggies to cook for dinner.

It was actually so much easier than I thought to plant these seeds. We started by filling the trays with compost..

Then we added the seeds. The infographic below has the full instructions on how to do it, the kids did ours so we ended up with random sprinklings of seeds all over the tray!

I’m hoping once they see them grow into edible plants they might actually try them too, I think if anything is going to spark their interest to try a lettuce leaf then this will!

Gratnells design and sell storage solutions including this rather clever powertray which can store and charge up to 10 USB devices. You can also see how they provide storage solutions for learning rooms.

Thanks to Gratnells for partnering with me on this post.

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