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Letter To My Future Broody Self

by Jessica Amey

Dear Me,

When you read this Tiger will no longer be a baby and even though Mr C has said we can’t have any more kids you are probably starting to wonder whether you could persuade him to change his mind. You will be remembering the cuddles, the giggles and that scrumptious baby smell. You are even starting to think that giving birth is ‘not that bad’.


Well luckily I knew this would happen so here I am to remind you of the things your mind will have cleverly forgotten.

Teething – Remember when you were feeding Tiger and he would clamp down on your nipple before twisting his head to the side. It HURTS! Then there is the moaning and sleep disturbances that come with teething, it’s not fun for anyone.

Sitting in the shade – We have just had our first sunny summer in 7 years and you spent the whole of it in the shade because babies don’t like / can’t sit in the sun.

Bouncing – Tiger would start moaning and within an instant you would have resumed the bounce. Yes it’s exercise but think of your knees, you are not getting any younger.

No hot food / drinks – Babies know when you are about to eat dinner or drink a cup of tea and all of a sudden they need your attention.

Hellish Car Journeys – Don’t you remember the times you had to sit through ear piercing screams because even after stopping ten times Tiger still wasn’t happy to go back in his car seat. Or the times you had to jump in the back and squash between Cherry and Tiger’s seats to try and distract him from screaming?

Separation anxiety – You are remembering the cuddles and giggles aren’t you? Well what about the screams that occurred every single time you put Tiger down to do something?!!

And let’s not forget sleep – Just when you got confident and thought maybe you had a baby who understood sleep, it all went wrong and Tiger starting waking once an hour requiring you to feed him back to sleep. You couldn’t get annoyed because you knew it was your fault. You knew you were supposed to always try and ‘put him down awake’ but it wasn’t that easy because you are lazy and when you were tired it was easier to feed him for those couple of extra minutes to make sure he was in a deep sleep before you put him down.

Babies are amazing and I know this won’t change your mind if you have your heart set on having another one but I did my best.

And when you are driving in a car listening to a screaming baby with puke all over your shoes and a cold cup of tea in your hand, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But of course you wouldn’t change it for anything because at the end of the day it’s all worth it.

letter to my future broody self

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