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Little Man at Nine Months

by Jessica Amey

I’m actually really late writing this as J is ten months old today.

little man at nine months

He has now been out of my tummy for longer than he was in there which always feels like a really big milestone.

The last month hasn’t been a great one due to him being really ill over Christmas then cutting three teeth. He now has two at the bottom and three at the top and I can see the four top one starting to come through so the grumpiness will be continuing for a while longer.

He really doesn’t deal well with the whole teething issue bless him. I don’t remember Cherry making as much fuss but maybe I’ve just totally forgotten.

At the start of the month his sleeping started to improve loads and he was only waking once but when his teeth starting cutting through he started waking up A LOT again, like literally every hour some nights which has been pretty tiring. After feeding for a few minutes he will go back to sleep which is easier than him being awake crying but I can’t wait for the little break in-between these teeth and the next ones.

He is still breastfeeding, a lot. It’s the only thing that comforts him when he’s teething so I let him feed as often as he likes. He is so funny as he will be playing on the other side of the room then he will crawl over, put his arms up for me to pick him up then chuck his head over to the side and get into position for milk. It’s always makes me laugh. He also likes me to just keep my boob out so he can come off and on when he pleases, something which I don’t do! We are totally down to feeding off one side, exactly the same thing had happened with Cherry by his age.

He’s pretty good with food, he will chomp on most things. Now he actually eats instead of chucking food on the floor I have gone back to the baby led weaning style of feeding, mainly because he had a real problem with constipation and I preferred the idea of him eating less but still learning about food.

He can say ‘Mama’, ‘Nana’ and ‘Baba’, just all the baby babbling really.

He has also started to stand for a few seconds unaided. I don’t think he’s that close to walking yet as his legs seem skinnier and longer than Cherry’s who was walking by his age, but I don’t think it will be all that long.

When he’s not grumpy with his teeth it has been so lovely to enjoy his little personality. He is giving kisses all the time and does this thing where he suddenly lunges at your face like he wants to eat you. He also keeps making these hilarious noises, he breathes into his lungs and it makes him sound like a little dinosaur. He’s so cheeky and will look over with this little glint in his eyes before doing something. He’s obsessed with the washing machine drum and keeps trying to chew on the rubber seal, so odd! He’s also obsessed with the toilet brush and trying to escape into the hall when the gate is open. Anything he can’t do is what he wants to do!

Him and Cherry have started to really connect which has been lovely, he loves her kitchen and always goes to stand up at it so she goes to join him and they pretend to cook together.

I can’t believe we are getting so close to his first birthday. Cherry seemed so old at his age but he is very much still a baby. I stopped feeding Cherry in public when she was around six months old which seems crazy to me now as I still happily feed J anywhere without even a thought that people might find it odd.

He’s my scrummy little man and I love him so much!

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