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Our Weekend Through The Samsung K Zoom Lens

Samsung K Zoom 8

This weekend we went to spend the day at Dunster Castle to put the camera on the Samsung K Zoom to the test. If you haven’t seen a Samsung K Zoom before then from the front it looks like your average smartphone but from the back (when the camera is in use) it looks like this which… 

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Sunuva Sundress


One of the things I love about summer is how you don’t need to wear lots of clothing. In fact until this week all Cherry had been wearing was summer dresses. We’ve had such nice weather that now the temperature has dropped a bit I’ve realised neither of the kids have any warmer clothes that still fit… 

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photo 1 (9)

The Ordinary Moments

Tiger is 16 months and still only has six teeth. The last week he has been getting signs of more appearing though, he has been really grumpy and his sleep has been disturbed. He’s been staying up late after lots of failed bedtime attempts and waking up in the early hours crying. In fact on… 

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Launch photo 1

The Handmade Fair

I’ve become a little bit craft obsessed lately, buying craft supplies is something that I enjoy more than anything else (boxes are starting to take over my house!) and I just wish I had more time to create. I heard about The Handmade Fair a little while ago and knew it was right up my… 

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An Update On Being A Mum To Two

At 3pm yesterday you would have found me in Tesco car park leaning against the boot of my car eating a cake. It wasn’t ideal, I felt a bit on show, like people were looking at me wondering why on earth I was leaning against the boot of my car stuffing my face with a bakewell… 

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DIY Kid’s Princess Bag

This month’s craft pack from Bostik and Craft Merrily had some really fun items in it. There was a bag we could decorate as well as some Bostik fabric glue. There was also some Fimo and lots of other fun things which we will be doing something with soon. As Cherry is obsessed with Princesses… 

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Princess Barbie

Why I Won’t Be Banning Barbie

 I read an article a few months ago about how five minutes of playing with a Barbie can ruin the career choices for little girls in later life. I actually stumbled across it a day or two after we had bought Cherry her first selection of Barbie Dolls and for a split second it did… 

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pastel wardrobe

A Good Night’s Sleep

When we put the kids in to share a room we gave them ours meaning we now have a very small bedroom. As we only sleep in there it’s not that much of a problem but I have been trying to make it a bit nicer as it was a ghastly yellow colour before and… 

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