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Crafting For All Ages

crochet stars

As you can probably tell from my latest venture Let’s Do Something Crafty I’m a huge fan of crafting. The fact I enjoy it means it’s the obvious choice of activity when I’m at home with the kids. A lot of the things we do at the moment are for children but as they get older I plan to learn… 

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Decorating Biscuits


Just a quick one today and a post that I’ve had in my drafts for a couple of months but a little while ago someone told me about a book called Brilliant Biscuits and I loved the look of it so I bought a copy. It’s full of the most amazing ideas for decorating biscuits… 

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A Day At The Beach

I have major holiday envy at the moment! My dad is on a Greek Island at this very moment, it’s one we used to go to all the time when we were little and every day he is sending me photos which is bringing back all my holiday memories and making me desperate to be… 

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On Turning 30

Last Sunday I turned 30. I can still remember being a teenager and thinking that 30 was SO old. It was always the age I had in my head of when I would officially be a ‘proper adult’. A responsible grown-up who always paid the bills on time and had lots of savings for occasions when the washing… 

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siblings 4

Siblings {July}

I’m still not quite sure how it can possibly be July already. I’m so not ready for the winter. As usual I left my wall photos until yesterday and annoyingly just before I got my camera out I witnessed some of the sweetest sibling behaviour to date. Tiger has started giving Cherry proper cuddles, he… 

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photo 1 (2)

A Day At A Car Show

If you were reading my blog two years ago then you will remember the time Mr C fell off his motocross bike and broke his leg and ankle, he was really lucky they could fix it as he’d smashed it so badly. As a result he has been left with no cartilage and if he… 

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camera stamp 2

Personalised Stamps

I was recently asked if I would like to review Speedy Stamps personalised stamp service. I decided to use the camera design I made for my other blog Let’s Do Something Crafty. I made it out of ribbon and string then scanned it  into the computer to use as part of my header. Given how often… 

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Finally Out Of The House

After spending pretty much all of June and half of May in our house due to chicken pox and my operation, it was so nice to finally get out again. I’m sure you might have heard about a little festival that took part last weekend? Well until we had Cherry we went every year without fail so it’s been… 

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