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  • Hanging Out At A Bike Show
  • Siblings {August}
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  • Finally Out Of The House

A Weekend In London


Last night we got back from a lovely weekend in London. On Friday night I attended the Mad Blog Awards. We drove up to London and cut it a bit fine so it was all a bit of a rush and instead of my plans to meet up with Fritha and Lori before I ended up… 

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Dyson Cordless Animal DC59 Review

Dyson Cordless

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I’m not the tidiest of people, my bedroom floor always has piles of clothes all over it and my stairs always have a huge pile of things waiting to be taken upstairs (they usually have a long wait!). I think there is a difference between mess and dirt… 

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What Type Of Pet Person Are You?

Apart from a goldfish (which didn’t live for very long) I didn’t have any pets when I was growing up. I did go through a phase of wanting a hamster after being at my friend’s house and watching hers run through one of those plastic contraptions that took up nearly her entire living room but… 

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car show 1

My Dream Car

A couple of weeks ago we visited a vintage car show. Tiger who is as obsessed with wheels as his father absolutely loved it and even Cherry and I found something we liked about it, mainly this pink car! It’s amazing and when our dreams of moving to America finally come true this is what… 

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How Healthy Are You?

I have swayed between various degrees of healthiness in my life, at points taking it to complete extremes. When I was 19 and first moved in with Mr C we spent our Friday nights in the pub drinking way too much alcohol which would lead to us spending the rest of the weekend in bed… 

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okido review 7

OKIDO Magazine

Cherry loves magazines, we find them really useful on the long days we spend at car shows and as Mr C and I both have ones we subscribe to she likes to be like us and sit down to read hers too. I find the choice of kid’s magazines in newsagents to be incredibly un-inspiring though,… 

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Siblings {September}

September already…. I actually managed to take my photos before the last minute this month, although I’m a bit late posting this so I am still as unorganised as ever! I’m at a stage now where I am just so happy I made the choice to have another baby, the first year was so so… 

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Learning To Read And Write

Cherry is going to be four in a couple of months but still isn’t showing any signs of being interested in learning to read and write. She will occasionally ask me to show her how to write words but whenever we’ve sat her down and tried to teach her how to write her name she… 

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