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10 Tips To Make Moving House Easier

by Jessica Amey

Each year thousands of people in the UK move house

Packing your bags and saying goodbye to your home is a different experience for everyone. It can fill you with happiness, excitement, sadness, but for most people it is an amalgamation of all of these. Almost everyone who has moved will tell you that it can be extremely stressful packing up your life and making a start in a whole new place.

To help make your move just a little bit easier we have put together ten tips to help you make a new house a home.

1. Collect free boxes
When it comes to moving your furniture and things from one place to another, boxes are worth their weight in gold. You may be surprised how many boxes you need, so save yourself some stress and money and begin to ruthlessly collect boxes from work, friends and anyone who is willing to give you some. Starting your new box collection early can pay off dramatically when it comes to moving day.

2. Measure up
One of the first things you should do when you decide on your new property is get out the tape measure and make note of the space you have to work with, light is so important when it comes to space so don’t be shy to call on the local window fitters to do some magic if you feel a little cramped. This means that you can really sink your teeth into planning your new
rooms and buying furniture. You may love your old dining table to bits, but if it won’t fit in your home then you will need to make changes, and find a creative solution.

When you are deciding what furniture to bring with you, and what new furniture to buy, you should also consider some of our next points.

3. Access points
This point is one which can really make your life easier come move day. Make sure that you measure your door frame, front and back, and work out what furniture you will be able to fit through the door, and what you may have to dismantle first. There is no sense in making up your flat pack furniture before the move if you won’t be able to fit the assembled result through the door.

4. Protect your things
Throughout our lives we amass numerous possessions, a number of which will hold a great amount of personal and sentimental value to you – and need to be protected when you move. Make sure to invest in property insurance before move day so that you are prepared for any unfortunate accidents, and pack your possessions carefully to minimise any risk of
damage during transit.

5. Get your paperwork in order
Make sure you hire a good solicitor who will check over all your housing contracts and ensure that everything is in order. It pays to be prepared and read up on your solicitors, as you may have lots of communication with them during the moving process and you will want to make sure you have someone who can help you with any problems if they arise.

6. Time your move day
Lots of moving companies charge different amounts depending on the time and day that you move.

If you plan to take off a weekday from work or move earlier in the day you can make a nice saving off your moving costs, depending on the company you’re planning on working with.

7. Budget!
Moving can often cost more than people initially realise. With the costs of hiring a moving lorry, solicitor, new furniture and costs of bills and deposits when you move in, it is incredibly important to make sure you are financially
aware during all of this. Make sure you keep close tabs on your expenses. Of course it is also a good idea to keep some money aside, just in-case you find a cost you didn’t plan for.

8. Pack smartly
There is nothing worse than settling into your new home for the first night and realising that your toothbrush, PJs and bed sheets are in completely different places. Put similar items together and make sure you clearly label each box so that you know where everything is. A good idea for the most organised among us is to write a list of each box and its contents, so that everything is completely accounted for.

9. Switch your utilities
Some may argue that there’s no worse situation than spending weeks without a phone or internet connection.
This can be avoided by getting in contact with your utility providers as far in advance is you can, so that you can swap, or start a new contract with them in your new property. You can also arrange an installation date that suits you.

10. Explore your new home
Moving home shouldn’t be a purely stressful or melancholy endeavour. You are moving to a new and exciting place and can make a fresh start. Avoid the inevitable sadness of leaving your home by drawing up plans for the new property, no matter how elaborate or long term. Spend some time to exploring the area, make friends with the neighbours, find the local park and begin to flesh out your ideas of your new place. There are countless opportunities for personalisation in your new home so go shopping and treat yourself to a comfy Himolla or some ornaments to start making your home your own.

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