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Autumn Kid’s Fashion With Melijoe

by Jessica Amey

I can’t believe it’s now nearly autumn when it barely feels like we’ve had a summer. I’ve been so cold the last few days and that’s with wearing jumpers and a coat and it hasn’t even turned cold yet. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with the winter!

I guess there is a very small part of me that is looking forward to wrapping up in boots and big jumpers but the novelty will wear off pretty quickly as I just can’t handle being cold these days, it must be a sign I’m getting old.

The kids have both grown loads since last year so will be needing some new clothes for the coming seasons so I’ve been starting to shop around and see what’s out there. Cherry has decided her favourite colour is no longer pink which is really nice as it now means she’s interested in every other colour of clothing out there.

As part of my six month collaboration with Melijoe I have put together a little collection of my favourite autumn kid’s fashion picks, their site is SO full of kids clothing items so you are guaranteed to find lots of things you like.



1. This dress is by Billieblush and looks like it’s quite thick so good for keeping warm. I really like the little details on it too.
2. These bright, floral Dr Martens are rather fabulous. Cherry spotted them and said she loved them.
3. I love knitwear and this cardigan from Oilily caught my attention, I love bright colours with grey.
4. More knitwear, I love this jumper by Petit Bateau.
5. This coat looks really warm and cosy and perfect for laying jumpers up underneath.
6. This dress is by Stella McCartney and I think it’s really sweet, I love the colours.
7. This Little Eleven Paris duffle coat looks really warm, cosy and comfortable. Perfect for autumn when you might not need a full winter coat.
8. These snow boots are by Stella McCartney. I know we don’t always get snow in the UK but on a cold day they would be perfect for putting on to run around it. Tiger loves wearing his wellies at the moment so these would be a much more comfortable option. Melijoe also sell Moon Boots which brought back memories for me as my sister and I always used to wear them as children on our ski holidays. They look crazy but are so comfortable.
9. This scarf is also by Stella McCartney, I’m a huge fan of her range in-case you couldn’t tell! I love the colour and the pom pom on the end.
10. Tiger who is absolutely car obsessed spotted this top and wouldn’t let me go off the page, it is his dream item of clothing!
11. And lastly this long-sleeved top is by Little Marc Jacobs and would be perfect for layering under a jumper or the duffle coat in number 7.

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