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Kid’s Fashion With Melijoe

by Jessica Amey

When it comes to kid’s fashion I’m all about practicality and like to choose things that I know they are going to be comfortable in so leggings and unisex tights have been wardrobe essentials for both the kids. Tiger has reached the age where he starts screaming if I try to dress him in something he doesn’t want to wear, he’s also really funny about the length of his trousers. If they are too long or short then he will have a total meltdown.

This means I have to choose clothes with things he likes on such as skateboards, motorbikes, tractors, cars or animals. With Cherry I used to buy a lot of her clothes in supermarkets but I’ve really struggled to find anything for Tiger in them as they are always a really grim shade of blue, or an equally horrible primary colour like green.

I’m going to be collaborating with Melijoe over the next few months, they are an online kid’s fashion company based in Paris and sell a huge range of clothes for kids aged 0-16.

I’m a huge fan of the Stella McCartney range, especially this lion jumper.




I went for age 3 years as I always buy the kids clothes that are too big, got to make sure they get lots of wear out of them!

It’s not too thick so perfect for layering or wearing on a nice spring day. Tiger wore it when we went to meet out friends at a National Trust house a couple of weeks ago.

He’s obsessed with tractors so this was like his dream come true…



I also went for this t-shirt by 3 Pommes, Tiger has a mini skateboard that he carries around with him so I knew he would love it. It hasn’t been warm enough to wear out yet but hopefully it will be soon, I feel like all I never do is bang on about the weather but it’s nearly April and still freezing. I can’t take it!


Where is your favourite place to buy kid’s clothing?

T-shirt and jumper c/o Melijoe

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