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Pumpkin Picking Dressed In Tootsa MacGinty

by Jessica Amey

I can’t quite believe it’s been a year since our last pumpkin picking trip but at the end of last week we met up with some friends to let the kids choose their pumpkins. I really like going to a farm to choose them as it makes it feel like more of an event and I also think it’s important for kids to see where they come from otherwise they would no doubt just accept the fact they come out of a box in the supermarket.

This farm was the only one I could find in our local area but they had already cut the pumpkins and laid them out, bit different from the pumpkin farms in America where they wander through fields for ages to find them but nice all the same, especially as we were the only people there. Something which is always a bonus 😉










The kids are wearing some clothes that they were sent by a kid’s clothing company called Tootsa MacGinty, if you haven’t heard of them before then you should definitely go and a take a peek as they have some really lovely items. They don’t label them as ‘girls’ or ‘boys’, instead the clothing is unisex, in fact I chose the Chunky Knit Cardigan that Cherry is wearing for Tiger but he wouldn’t wear it (he’s refusing to wear anything other than his Minion jumper at the moment!) so luckily it fitted her instead!

The clothes are made to conform to ethical standards as well as being made to last. I know some people feel a bit disheartened by reviews and question whether we just say positive things because we were sent the item but I promise you that’s not the case, I love discovering new companies and enjoy telling you about them in the hope you will too. In fact whilst on their website finding the links to these items I just ended up ordering something for Cherry, it’s this Day of the Dead jumper and it is awesome! Oh and seriously go and look at this rainbow jacket, I’m in love and want one in my size!

Tiger is wearing these cords, they have an adjustable waist and are so soft and comfy. They also have the little fox on the back pocket as you can see in the photo above.

Then as well as the cardigan Cherry is also wearing this smock dress. It buttons all the way up the back and also has the little fox in the pocket. I love the mustard colour and it matched the pumpkins perfectly.




Now we need to carve out pumpkins, a job that I’m not very good at! I think I will do something with the seeds this time though as I usually just through them away.

Thanks to Tootsa for sending us these lovely clothes!

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